Deepin Emacs has released version 2.0 today!


These are the new feature you could feel:
1.The startup time of the program can be extremely fast, 10 times faster than it used to be!
2.Add Syntax highlighter mode for Python and Go lang.
3.Plugins, such as auto-complete.el, has upgraded to the latest version.
4.Anything mode has replaced by helm mode. by manateelazycat has replaced the builtin autosave mode and it will not generate file with hash sign(#) automatically by default.
6.Fixed many bugs.


Please note that The newly Deepin Emacs 2.0 is incompatible with the old version. Please backup your old .emacs config file and delete it after upgraded your Deepin Emacs package.

Here is the command for deleting config file in terminal emulator:

more information: 

For more information, see The Installation and Use of Deepin Emacs (in Chinese)


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