Friendly Reminder

Since Compiz has poor performance in virtual machines (Deepin 2014.1 uses Compiz as the window manager), we strongly recommend that you directly install Deepin 2014.1 on real machines, so as to experience the gorgeous effects of Deepin 2014.1.

We plan to use the window manager developed by ourselves in our future versions to solve this problem thoroughly.



Deepin is a Linux distribution that aims to provide an elegant, user-friendly and stable operating system for users all around the world. Based on HTML5 technology, Deepin Team have developed a series of featured software, such as the brand-new Deepin Desktop Environment, Music Player, Video Player and Software Center.

Deepin has developed rapidly in recent years. It has got the support of users from more than 40 countries and regions in the world. Deepin operating system has been downloaded tens of millions of times and ranks first on DistroWatch among Chinese Linux operating system distributions.


Fast and Stable

In this version, we focus on enhancing the system stability. Meanwhile, the system performance has been optimized thoroughly and the major improvements are as follows:



In this version, in order to ensure the stable running of Dock on all computers, the main improvements are as follows:

  • Added the anti-frozen function of Dock in background;
  • Fixed the system frozen bugs caused by Dock.



For desktop, we have resolved the problems of right-click menu and multiple screen display:

  • The response speed of right-click menu has been improved significantly and its memory has been reduced 90% than before;
  • Multi-display function has solved the problems of novice guide malposition and wrong display of wallpapers.



Control Center

The control center is mainly to strengthen the display and the stability of network module function, and we have also solved the splash screen problem on some computers.

  • The soft control function of screen brightness has been added in display module, which has solved the problem that the brightness can't be adjusted on most computers;
  • The wireless hardware switch prompt has been added in network module, and a series of bugs, such as that some wired network can't show the real hardware have been fixed.




Built-in Software

We have improved or ungraded the software built in our system:

  • The problem that the downloading speed becomes slower and slower when users download installing software in Deepin Store has been solved.
  • Some functions like subtitle display have been strengthened and some new functions, like supporting folders’ recursively being read, are newly added in Deepin Movie.
  • Sogou input method and WPS have been upgraded to their latest versions.



More Perfect Internationalization

Thanks to the steady promotion of Deepin Internationalization Project, the translation of the 10 kinds of languages officially offered by Deepin 2014.1 is more accurate. The community supports more than 60 kinds of languages, the translation progress of which has also been significantly improved. Deepin 2014.1 already contains all the achievements achieved after Deepin Internationalization Project was promoted, so as to facilitate the users to use it directly.

Meanwhile, with the help of contributors from different countries, we have conducted a more comprehensive test to some internationalization functions, such as the time zone, calendar and keyboard layout, which solves the problem of mistakes in some time zones and calendar.



More Intimate Functions

The two new modes——”Efficient Mode” and “Classical Mode” are added in the Dock program, which is a great progress of Deepin Desktop Environment continuing to improve the user experience. The three modes can be switched seamlessly to meet the individualized needs of different users to Dock.



On reducing interferences, the functions of screen hotspots automatically being disabled and intelligent power management are added to Deepin Desktop Environment, which can avoid problems such as the users being interfered by screen hotspots when they operate in full screen and screen becoming automatically black when there are no operations.

On smart tips of the system, Deepin Desktop Environment is newly added some desktop tips like multi-screen display. Users can choose the mode they need in the prompt window.

In addition, Deepin Project has nearly 70 software sources in the world. Using the best source detecting function in Deepin Store can help you quickly choose the best software source so that you can quickly update the system and install the software.


Installation and Upgrading

Official Downloading:

32-bit: Click here to download (MD5 value:142696171e39c98e10a21f8221b967e9)

64-bit: Click here to download (MD5 value:e341f50e85aff007df77aee661212092 )


Other downloading:

Sourceforge: in sync

Friendship mirror sites: in sync

Baidu network disk: in sync


Brand-new Installation

It is very easy to install Deepin 2014.1. You can finish installing Deepin 2014.1 without needing to learn it if you use Deepin Boot Maker and Deepin Installer after downloading the mirror of Deepin 2014.1. For a detailed installation guide, please see Wiki.





Currently only each version of Deepin 2014 can be smoothly upgraded to Deepin 2014.1 version. You can choose either of the following two methods to upgrade your operating system:

  • Method 1: To open "Deepin Store - System Upgrade" and install all updates.
  • Method 2: To execute the following command in the terminal to upgrade: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y.



  • DeepinWin (Wubi) installation mode has been removed in Deepin 2014 RC;
  • Deepin Boot Maker is built in Deepin mirror;
  • Due to Compiz, we strongly recommend that you install Deepin operating system in entity machines;
  • If Deepin operating system runs normally after being installed, we don’t recommend you to install closed-source graphics driver.


Communication and Update

The perfection of Deepin operating system is inseparable with your support and advice. If you encounter bugs in use of our system, please feedback them to the problem tracking system. If you have good suggestions for Deepin operating system, welcome to visit our official forum or Twitter to communicate with us.

In the future, we will update and promote our system outward every two weeks (on Thursday afternoons). Welcome to pay attention to our social platform account to be notified at the earliest time.


Community Involvement

The growth of Deepin operating system is inseparable from the efforts of the community team. Here we especially thank the following community team members and organizations who have made significant contribution to Deepin team.

Deepin Internationalization Team

0p51k、4goodapp、648trindade、abuyop、ACJ、addegsson、AhmedAyman、alanjhone、Alby407、ambiya、aminul、andrej55、Anduxor、anirban、Antisound、Arreyu、artor、arvernester、arvernester、ashickur_noor、Atalanttore、awriel、ballmet、Billolo、Black_Scorpion、Brianlee、brunodems、bryan3561、Calinou、cangussu.br、CasperLi_HK、child、christopherccg、closeddoors1559、cod11、coEr、corEr、cricri8o、cristianhcd、ddabrahim、devant、dweight、Eaiman、eduardgotwig 、Elrrax、enderleit、etc.session、evilscorpio、facundo981、fasier、federrr、fedesanchez、FFXP、forstjiri、Fox909、fraescaya10、freddy4212、fri、galih、gamjachib、Giannaki、Gnechen、gogo、GoldBlossom、Grandis、grognak、Gryphonheart、hash11、haykojanjado、Herrax、Hoobs、hyuchia、ICesarI、ilox11、inashdeen、iron_man、Israelortiz、jasper580、JeffWagen、Jessewb、Jessewb、JimSp472000、Jodeba、JohnCod3、jonnius、Jop、josedancer、jvjey、kangur、kardnex、karlos2、kayomfreire、kazzike、kdavid97、Kloki、knarfytrebil、kneekoo、kolera、kukharski、laszlo.espadas、Lesmerdino、lexross、ljay79、LoboHoffer、longsurfing、Luozengbin、Malsasa、marlonjke、marvelous.beat、mashudicastol、massimo.carofano、Maxximo88、McArthas、mechulkalan、mefjak、mehdico、mfsco、micpaw85、Microtus、Mmhyamin、Mohd、Neltus、nen3、nen3、nero1000000、Nicat97、nrgmaster、nujugi、octolith、op6464、oscarfloresrua、P.ajorlou、pacificator、pawel_z、PeterDaveHello、pguth、pjhalsli、popArch、Pr0TuRk38、qiansen1386、ranmaruhibikiya、ratulcse10、ravindu、rfsilveira、ricardosimoes、richdb、Riksman、rizmut、Rsletta、rusu.dorin.adrian、s8321414、safaariman、samson、Se7enTime、Seba.wetzel、sexol123maleev、Showcheap、shpync、Snubbi、solomonsunder、strebski 、stroud92、Suore、syldra89、talaverameza、tejeskifly、toolband25、Trid、truongap、ud1955、vgevorgyan、victor.guardiola、vicves、viniciusarl、vitorohe、vmarci21、Wamukota、wbear、webcrush、wemomax、xkarlos2Deepin、xzh159357、xzh159357、yakup、yuvi、ZereoX、zeroc00l、Zoom、zubairw、zubairw、吴善俊


Deepin Community Team(including management, document and internally testing)

a375474942、BingoLove、Bluek404、corEr、diyiliaoya、finid、firstar、foundix、fredy4212、gotwig、jianning、love19841009、lxh112210、Maggieszd、Maxximo88、PiziTan 、rickyr、Rommel、syqiven、xiazhishang、yeser、ColinChen、lishoujun、nancy2014、94088737、991894172、a285654974、a287740928、a398058068、ahyanglf、Cbryy、diyiliaoya、Dusuanyun、Element、ForbearChen、fredy4212 、kangkangkf、Liupuhua、lyxlgr、majun0313、pdlenovo、w7236666、xiaoshitou、zhlk1001、zywlsh


Deepin Mirror Support Team

阿里云、搜狐开源、中国科学技术大学、浙江大学、厦门大学、北京交通大学、北京理工大学、兰州大学、电子科技大学、华中科技大学、中山大学、清华大学、江苏开放大学、华中科技大学联创团队、南京师范大学、山东理工大学、西南大学、天津大学、首都在线科技股份有限公司、开源中国、中国开源软件中心、Linux运维派、凝聚网络安全工作室、上海交通大学、中国地质大学、哈尔滨工业大学镜像站、Love4Taylor、dotsrc.org、Skarta、Kiev Linux Users Group、Yandex Linux mirror、IPACCT、GloboTech Communications、Telkom SAIX、Web Africa、Datautama Net Id Company、NCHC自由软件实验室、Ubuntu正体中文站、元智大学信息工程学系、南台科技大学、国立暨南国际大学、EDATEL ISP、UPC Telekabel Wien GmbH、Federal University of Parana、University of Sao Paulo、GWDG、Tuxinator、Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg、GARR/CILEA、Rainside、KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.、Belnet、Piotrkosoft.net、Academic Computer Club, Umeå University、Portlane、Georgia Tech. Software Library、Hosting Xtreme、James Madison University、MetroCast Cablevision、Michigan Tech Linux Users’Group、Bytemark Hosting、University of Kent UK Mirror Service、NLUUG、Studenten Net Twente、DOST-ASTI、DGN Technologies Information Publishing Corparation、GloboTech Communications.

Note: The above name list is in no particular order and some contributors belong to multiple teams.



Business Cooperation

Deepin operating system is distributed and released aimed at ordinary desktop users. Welcome to freely download, distribute and use it. For access to support of business service, please contact us.

If you have the ability and confidence to create the most excellent open-source desktop operating system with us, you are welcome to join us!


Deepin Team



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