• Blogghete

    I have never thinked that deepin is spyware.
    I love Chinese ideology, Chinese people, Chinese politics and obviously Chinese technology.

    Not all Western people are so stupid.

    There is a conspiracy against Chinese products in USA.

    USA are like a cancer for the rest of the World.
    Ask that to the people of Syria, Lybia, IRAQ, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Italy and Germany.

    If there is an operating system that is also a spyware, it is surely Microsoft Windows 10 (and 8).

    You can see the arrogance of US people everywhere.
    You can see the arrogance of US politics in Syria, for example (there are many other examples).

    US people, I have a message for you: you are NOT better that the other people of the World.
    You must STOP to do all your aggressions to China and Russia.

    In distrowatch.org I can see
    deepin in 22th position
    REALLY stupid people.
    distrowatch is obviously an US Web site.

  • zhulinmails

    Don't believe these rumours, all the deepin linux users.
    Deepin linux is a product which cares the need and privacy of users.
    Please use the evidence to infer something. Please go to the website by using google translate (cross-language) to know more about the information. If you have chance,maybe you can visit deepin linux company. Off course, you should make an appointment with them.
    Open our mind to accept the rising stuff, and use the evidence to judge it.
    God bless you.