• deepin V23 Beta(Unstable)

    deepin V23 Beta(Unstable)

    Deepin 23 Beta(An experimental version, for non-production environments) is the second version of Deepin 23. Come and experience it, and contribute your thoughts and feedback. Let's work together to create a beautiful and user-friendly operating system!

    Why deepin?

    Beautiful UI design, intimate human-computer interaction, and friendly community environment make you feel at home.

    Out of the box
    Out of the box
    Deepin is easy to install and can meet your work needs without additional system configuration and software installation. You can configure deepin as you want, but it is not necessary - optimal settings and adjustments have been applied by default to meet the usage demands of most users.
    The desktop environment and multiple applications based on the self-developed DTK not only have a beautiful UI, but also offer the human-computer interaction in line with user habits. You can get started with deepin in a few minutes.
    Privacy Protection
    Privacy Protection
    After system installation, everything is up to you. Photos, music, files, etc. are your personal data. We will not collect any of them. You have full control over deepin and can do whatever you want in it.
    Perfect Ecology
    Perfect Ecology
    Deepin not only develops a series of basic office software such as Music, Movie, Screen Capture, but also provides nearly 40,000 applications in App Store, which can run perfectly on deepin.
    Open Source
    Open Source
    Our source code is released under the open-source software licenses, and can be viewed on GitHub .
    Powerful Community
    Powerful Community
    Our development, operation, products, and testing are closely linked to users. You can feed back your questions in deepin forums, GitHub, WeChat, Telegram, and Twitter. Let's improve deepin together.

    Practical and Effective Features

    Deepin has developed over 40 applications based on user habits, making the office work more efficient and convenient!

    Free Working Style

    Free Working Style

    With the special desktop environment and diversified productivity tools, deepin offers a new and unique experience to meet your personalized needs!
    Grand Search

    Grand Search

    No matter where your forgotten photos, videos and files are, Grand Search can help you quickly retrieve the content you want without rummaging through the huge disk space.
    Screen Capture

    Screen Capture

    It helps you capture and record valuable or interesting pictures and videos freely.


    Want to get the Chinese and English text on pictures? It helps accurately identify and extract text from images with just one click, easily improving working efficiency.

    Productivity Makes Life Better

    Deepin App Store offers nearly 40,000 apps to satisfy all your needs in life and work.


    Quickly solve problems in work, effectively improve work efficiency, and make you better every moment.
    Xmind Xmind
    Typora Typora
    ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors
    Outlook Outlook
    motrix motrix
    OneNote OneNote


    Music and movies give us infinite possibilities and imagination, making our ordinary life sparkle.
    SMplayer SMplayer
    Kodi Kodi
    OBS Studio OBS Studio
    Corebird Corebird
    Steam Steam


    From 0 to 1, from the sketch to the final presentation of your idea, they make the impossible come true and the world a better place.
    Pixso Pixso
    Krita Krita
    OpenShot OpenShot
    Blender Blender
    MeiTuXiuXiu MeiTuXiuXiu


    Software development is the main force to promote human progress in this century, and also the source power for Linux long-term development. More and more deepin developers and users are the biggest driving force for us to build a perfect distribution.
    Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code
    IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate
    Postman Postman
    Android Studio Android Studio
    QtCreator QtCreator

    User Feedback

    Marry. J

    Marry. J

    Deepin has to be the best looking OS..