Project Introduction

deepin was born in China and aimed at global. To let more and more community people can experience the Linux distribution from China, let the system widely spread all over the world and enlarge its global impact, we hoped that more and more community people can join to help the translation work to let our open source work can benefit the world!

The i18n translation work is mainly about:

deepin: Joining the document writing and i18n work to let our open source work can benefit the world!


Project Languages

Now deepin supports the following languages: Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese (Hong Kong), English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Japanese, Korean, Finnish, Indonesian, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Danish, Slovak, Bulgarian, Malay, Swedish, Croatian, Hindi(India), Ukrainian and Amharic (Ethiopia).

In the future, we will continue to support more languages, it is, of course, cannot do without the global users work.

i18n for deepin

Users joining for i18n project can visit and register to apply for the official i18n user group, we will regularly verify the request and send notification by transifex directly.
To communicate with other translators, you can start a discussion in Transifex or join deepin official translator group in Telegram: