In order for community users and developers to know the system and version plan of deepin, the official will irregularly update or publish its detailed information as below, for users to track deepin development plan.

Release Plan

deepin 20.2 March, 2021
deepin 20.3 December, 2021

Release plan of deepin 20.2

The kernel is updated to Kerne 5.l0 (Stable), and system repository is upgraded to Debian 10.7, enhancing system stability with better compatibility. Several deepin apps have also been upgraded, while system security and hardware drivers are also improved with overall greater experience.

deepin apps New features for several apps delivering optimized user interaction and visual effects.
Kernel The kernel is upgraded to Kernel 5.10 (Stable), improving the file system and storage with a large number of driver updates, supporting various new devices.
Repository The system repository is upgraded to Debian 10.7, rectifying security issues and fixing several serious problems.
Security Fixed security vulnerabilities for better system safety.

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