In order to enable community users to recognize the Depth OS version planning in advance, the Depth team will regularly announce the planning goals for the next pre-release version 1.5 months before the release, and release the planning content from the technical and functional perspectives, so that everyone can have a preliminary understanding of the Depth OS development plan.

V23 Beta3 is scheduled to be released in January 2024, and the goal of this version is to complete the planning of all the basic functions and technical updates.


2023 Version Release Schedule

Deepin OS V23 Beta

2023-05 [Already Released]

Deepin OS V23 Beta 2

 2023-09 [Already Released]

Deepin OS V23 Beta 3


V23.Beta3 Feature Plan

The V23 Beta2 version is a testing version with the core goal of bug fixing and improving the overall quality. Additionally, code refactoring will be performed on certain modular components, and the development and integration of non-system stability affecting features will take place.

NEW FEATURES Overall optimization of DDE, taking into account user feedback, optimize the interaction design and space consumption of login, lock screen and taskbar.
New input method abstraction layer to support seamless switching between input sources installed in Fcitx 5 and IBUS.
Support using different input sources in different windows.
Reconstructed the regional format function for overseas users, which allows users to select and set the localized time and date format based on the user's region.
Power management supports Intel and AMD CPU PS-tate performance management.
Supports low battery threshold setting in power management.
Launcher supports alphabetical mode
Audio framework provides PulseAudio and PipeWire switching capability.
Supports customized management of peripheral plugging and unplugging during multimedia playback.
Supports power display for Bluetooth devices
Provides independent switch for application proxy and supports DNS proxy.
Unified management of login, lock screen and no password login.
Supports mouse cursor resizing and fast cursor position capture.
TECHNOLOGICAL ACHIEVEMENT Complete application management system development
dde-launcher , dde-dock QML, dde-session-shell QMLized
Linglong Uab package support
BUG FIXING Fix bugs in the Beta2 system.
KERNEL Update kernel version to 6.6
BASIC COMPONENTS Synchronization software synchronization upstream update, fill in the software package, solve some software dependencies missing
Upgrade Qt to version 6.6
Upgrade GCC to 13.2
SECURITY Fixing known security vulnerabilities
NEW PLATFORM SUPPORT Continuous promotion of i386, RISCV64 support, LoongArch, X86 64, arm64 multi-architecture support

*The above core feature plans and the final release content may have some deviations. For detailed functionalities, please pay attention to the release notes of V23 Beta 3.

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