In order for community users and developers to know the system and version plan of deepin, the official will irregularly update or publish the detailed information below, for users to track the deepin development plan.

System Planning

deepin 15.4.1 June 2017
deepin 15.5 September 2017
deepin 15.6 January 2018

Desktop/App Planning

Launcher V4.0 Support Windows-style start menu to fulfill the needs for retro fans;
Dock V4.0 Support directly open the application when dragged and dropped on the dock icon; Preview window for dock now come back; Add animation for waiting the application open;
Window Manager V2.0 Get rid of unnecessary effects for 2D window manager, and improve its performance like Xfce/LXDE, to make it available even on old machines of 10 years ago;
Deepin Screenshot V4.0 Use Qt/C++ to rewrite the application, making the launch process finished in a few seconds;
Deepin File Manager V1.4.1 Fix bugs and improve UI details, rewrite file merge function, to act more like traditional Windows-style file manager;
Other Updates Optimize system update, allowing opeations during update process, and prompt for restarting the system after finished the process;

Optimize gesture algorithm for Touchpad;

Use “Hi-Fi output” for Bluetooth headsets;

Function upgrade and fix bugs for Deepin Installer;

More unknown Deepin applications is coming soon…