To familiarize community users with the planned features of the upcoming Deepin operating system version, the Deepin team will regularly announce the goals for the next pre-release version 1.5 months before its release. These announcements will cover technical and functional aspects of the development plan, allowing everyone to have a preliminary understanding of the Deepin operating system.

In 2023, the core goal of the community is to release the final V23 Release version, which will enable V20 users to migrate and upgrade to the V23 Release version, providing a stable and sustainable system foundation for the wider community.

2023 Version Release Schedule

Deepin OS V23 Beta 2023-05月[Already Released]
Deepin OS V23 Beta 2 2023-09月

V23.Beta2 Feature Plan

The V23 Beta2 version is a testing version with the core goal of bug fixing and improving the overall quality. Additionally, code refactoring will be performed on certain modular components, and the development and integration of non-system stability affecting features will take place.

New Features
DDE Desktop Environment
  • Support for displaying plaintext passwords
  • Optimization of language, keyboard layout, and input method relationships
  • Development support for system keyboard layout and input method framework abstraction layer (preview version)
  • Support for localization display capabilities for global users
  • Optimization of laptop performance modes
  • Optimization of desktop window scrollbars display and interaction logic
  • Optimization of taskbar wake-up interaction experience after intelligent hiding
  • Optimization of V23 date and notification feature interaction
  • Optimization of clipboard interaction experience
  • Support for taskbar hotplug plugin management capability
  • Content optimization of system information page
Deepin Home
  • Support for tracking requirements and bug feedback
  • Support for voting to prioritize requirements and bug handling
  • Support for tracking issues of interest
  • Optimization of terminal server grouping functionality and experience
  • Support for setting separators when double-clicking to select text
Cross-platform Collaboration
  • Cross-platform collaboration support with Android devices
Bug Fixes
  • Fixing of known bugs in the Beta version
  • Improved support for 13th generation Intel devices
  • Synchronized software packages with upstream updates, filled in software package gaps, and resolved some software dependency issues
  • Fixing of known security vulnerabilities
New Platform Support
  • Providing support for running Deepin on Apple M1 platform
  • Providing support for running Deepin on Windows WSL


*The above core feature plans and the final release content may have some deviations. For detailed functionalities, please pay attention to the release notes of V23 Beta 2.

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