In order for community users and developers to know the system and version plan of deepin, the official will irregularly update or publish its detailed information as below, for users to track deepin development plan.

Release Plan

deepin 15.5.1 March 2018
deepin 15.6 July 2018

Release plan of deepin 15.5.1

 Migration of App Format (Continuous) Migrate from deb to Flatpak format in Deepin Store and Deepin applications; separate the tight coupling of applications and system completely, make apps “green” for easy use; users need not worry about dependency problems as the app and the system can be upgraded separately.
Deepin Desktop Environment Optimize deepin continuously, reduce power consumption, optimize memory usage, bluetooth, HiDPI adaption, and fix the issues from user feedback, etc.
Welcome Add system welcome page, wizard-type custom friendly interface, enhance the user experience.
Deepin Movie V3.2 Optimize interaction issues of Deepin Movie V3.1 and fix the bugs, such as: optimize high resolution video rendering, fix the slowly opened playlist, enlarge the response area for preview on progress bar, and so on.
Deepin Draw V1.0
Provide simple graphics and image editing, pasteboard access, image formatting and other intimate functions, to meet user needs in Linux similar to Windows Paint.
Deepin Graphics Manager V1.1 Solve the issue in multi-driver version, and fix the bug in Deepin Graphics Manager V1.0
Deepin Live System V1.1 Optimize based on Live System V1.0, add password setting and flash drive usage mode, and preinstall software according to user feedback.
Deepin System Repair V1.0 Provide system repair programs at one click, for example: clean disk space, make boot repair and so on just at one click.
Deepin Help Manual V2.0 Reconstruct and optimize based on QCEF technology. Combine help manuals together to provide a unified entrance. Make it easier for users to find what they want.
Deepin Font Viewer V1.0 Provide font installation, uninstallation, preview and other functions.
Deepin Downloader V1.0 A built-in downloading tool of deepin, supporting single and batch download, including create new task, search, download, pause, view, delete and other management functions.