In order to enable community users to recognize the deepin OS version planning in advance, the deepin team will regularly announce the planning goals for the next pre-release version 1.5 months before the release, and release the planning content from the technical and functional perspectives, so that everyone can have a preliminary understanding of the deepin OS development plan.

The deepin V23 Release is planned to be released in August 2024. The goal of this version is to complete the planning of all basic functions and achieve the goal of technological updates and replacements.


Release Schedule

deepin V23 Beta3 2024-02 [Already Released]
deepin V23 RC 2024-04  [Already Released]
deepin V23 Release 2024-08 [Under Development]


deepin V23 Release Version Planning

  • Add the custom function of not backing up updates
  • Optimise window interaction animation to improve user experience
  • Add plug-ins for frequently used functions in the shortcut panel to improve daily office efficiency.
  • Complete the development of grey-out function in the right-click menu of the taskbar.
  • Fix known bugs in deepin V23 RC.
  • Fix known security vulnerabilities.

*The above core feature plans may have some deviations from the final release content. For detailed features, please pay attention to the release notes of the V23 RC version.


ISO Download:

Access to Historical Version Software Packages (Before V20):