To give the community a preview of the Deep OS release plan, the Deep team will regularly announce the planning goals for the next pre-release version 1.5 months before the release, and publish the planning content from a technical and functional perspective, so that everyone can get a first glimpse of the Deep OS development plan.

In 2023 the community will officially release the V23 version and when the V23Release version is available, the V20 cross-version upgrade capability will be provided so that users with V20 can upgrade to the V23Release version for use.

2023 Version release plan

deepin V23 Beta 2023-04
deepin 20.9 2023-04

V23.Beta Version Plan

V23 Beta is an unofficial release and can be used in informal production environments. This version has a number of fixes for Alpha2 system issues and integrates some user feedback on requirements issues.

New features
  • Desktop environment support for wayland.
  • Compatible with V20 common application support, allowing V20 applications to be run and downloaded.
  • Returned to the installation phase for the N-card driver installation function.
DDE Desktop Environment
  • Optimized application agent logic.
  • Hotspot sharing in wifi environments is supported.
  • A large number of original account avatars have been added;
  • Supports the ability to manage hotspots in the taskbar;
  • Content optimisation of the system information pages;
  • 20 Support for setting the duration of the dynamic display of Thor mode;
  • Support for terminal shortcuts terminal full screen mode;
Cross-End Collaboration
  • Cross-end collaboration support with Android devices.
Bug Fixed
  • Comprehensive detail optimisation of the interface display content.
  • Fixing of buggy issues with the Alpha 2 version of the system.
  • Kernel updated to version 6.1;
  • Sync software synchronises upstream updates;
  • Fix known security vulnerabilities;


*There may be some deviations between the above core features and the final release, please refer to the V23 Beta Release Notes for details.

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