To help community users get deepin planning in advance, we disclose the technical and functional planning of the next deepin version one and a half months before the final release.

After deepin 20.8 - the last version of V20 - is released, there will be no functional iteration, but only fixing of serious bugs and security vulnerabilities. Welcome to upgrade or download deepin 23 in the near future.

Release Plan in 2022

deepin 20.4 January, 2022
deepin 20.5 March, 2022
deepin 20.6 May, 2022
deepin 20.7 August, 2022
deepin 20.8 November, 2022

Core Planning for V20.8

Deepin 20.8 will adapt to some Zen4 devices, continuously synchronize upstream components to the repository, and integrate functions such as quick window switches by arrow keys after pressing Alt+Tab, screensaver customization, and search engine customization of Grand Search.

New features

Expand the capabilities of system proxy and application proxy.
Show separate icons for each window of one app in the Dock under the efficient mode.
Support using arrow keys to switch windows after pressing Alt+Tab.
Customize screensavers.
Display apps by letters in the launcher.
Customize the scrollbar display in Control Center.
Optimize the key storage and interaction logic for biometric authentication and "Login without password".
Movie: support miracast to DLNA devices.
Disk Utility: support exFAT\XFS\Btrfs file systems.
Mail: add the "Contacts" view and optimize the UI of the Contacts page.
Develop an application to display all community news there, and manage bugs, requirements, and suggestions from users, where they can get the progress of their feedback in real time.
Kernel Adapt to some Zen4 devices and fix legacy issues.
Repository Fix CVE bugs and sync upstream components.
Security Fix security vulnerabilities from the upstream and deepin, and release patches timely to ensure overall security.


There may be some deviations between the above planning and the final released content. Please pay attention to the release notes of deepin 20.8 for details.

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