In order for community users and developers to know the system and version plan of deepin, the official will irregularly update or publish the detailed information below, for users to track the deepin development plan.

Release Plan

deepin 15.5 October 2017
deepin 15.6 January 2018
deepin 15.7 April   2018

Release plan of deepin 15.5

Migration of App Format Migrate from deb to Flatpak of applications in Deepin Store and Deepin applications; provide the solution to tight coupling of applications and system, make apps “green” for easy use; users need not worry about dependency problems as the app and the system can be upgraded separately.
Software Repositories Support for both deb and Flatpak apps; both can be installed to guarantee the smooth transition from deb to Flatpak.
Deepin Desktop environment and File Manager Improve user interaction and stability according to the feedback from Deepin community.
Web App Framework V1.0 Develop a complete application framework for web applications based on CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) and rewrite underlying Web codes for a number of apps (Netease Cloud Music, Netease Youdao Dict, Deepin Store, Deepin Manual, Deepin Remote assistance, etc.) to provide the Web Development suite with high productivity.
Deepin AppStore V4.1 Optimize usability of installing/download/uninstall/upgrade model; improve home page for richer contents.
Deepin System Monitor V1.0 Replace Gnome System Monitor by Deepin System Monitor, which provides a simple UI and new functions of network and disk monitoring.
Deepin Draw V1.0 Provide practical functions of image editing, clipboard access, format conversion to benefit users who are used to Windows(R) Paint.
Deepin Notes V1.0 Text editor to replace Gedit, ensuring unity of UI/UX across deepin applications.
Deepin Package Manger V1.0 Package installer to replace Gdebi, ensuring unity of UI/UX across deepin applications.
Deepin Graphics Manager V1.0 Support Intel Video card driver switching, integrate solution (bumblebee) and closed source driver for NVIDIA video card on laptop
Mysterious application A magic software to facilitate interaction between PC and mobile.