A new "world" is coming for you! Deepin 23 Alpha is officially released by the first root community of desktop OS in China -- deepin community!

Deepin 23 Alpha is the second version of Deepin 23. Based on the new "Flow Design" concept, deepin 23 presents you with fashion UI interfaces and considerate interactive experiences. In terms of functions, it actively responds to the feedback from deepin users, develops and integrates many practical functions to meet user requirements in different scenarios. What is more, it fixes a large number of usage issues, preinstalls some Linglong applications, and comprehensively improves system compatibility and smoothness. Welcome to try it!

deepin v23 alpha
deepin v23 alpha

Music - A flow-design app

In the new version, the Music app has:

Improved appearance - updated UI and animation effects, and optimized interface layout.

Enhanced operations - more buttons are provided in the playlist making operations quicker and easier.

Freely-ordered playlist - you can drag songs up and down to play them in the order you like.

Better album display - the album cover is displayed at the top of the details page to give better effects.

deepin v23 alpha
deepin v23 alpha

Image Viewer - A flow-design app

The live text function is added to improve the efficiency of image-to-text extraction, which means you can quickly get the text in the image.

Hiding controls are supported - when the window size is decreased to a certain value, the title bar and toolbar will be automatically hidden to avoid covering part of the image.

deepin v23 alpha
deepin v23 alpha

Album - A flow-design app

The layout is adjusted and the classification of functions is optimized, so as to reduce unnecessary steps.

Displaying photos in collections by year, month, and day is supported so that you can conveniently and efficiently organize and find photos.

In addition, new display modes are added - you can preview photos in original ratios or in square thumbnails.

deepin v23 alpha
deepin v23 alpha

system Installer

The installation page is updated and has a dark blue background, offering you a fresh and beautiful new look.

The installation steps are simplified. Welcome to experience the easier steps!

Custom installation is added, and full-disk installation and advanced installation are optimized. The multiple methods are trying to meet various installation needs.

deepin v23 alpha
deepin v23 alpha

Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore becomes an independent desktop application, and supports more features.

User data backup and restore are supported for backing up user data in an external device.

The efficiency and performance of system backup are optimized as well.

deepin v23 alpha
deepin v23 alpha

Improvements and New Features


  • The pre-installed Music is in Linglong format, and its UI is in a flow-design style.
    Support displaying an album cover on the details page, and folding it.
    Show animation effects when music is played on fullscreen.

Image Viewer

  • The pre-installed Image Viewer is in Linglong format, and its UI is in a flow-design style.
    Add the live text function.
    Support hiding controls when the picture is zoomed out or in.


  • The pre-installed Album is in Linglong format, and its UI is in a flow-design style.
    Add the photo preview function.
    Sort photos by year, month, and day.

System Installer

  • Update the UI of the system installer.
    Simplify system installation steps.
    Add custom installation to support automatic installation on a specified partition.
    Optimize the full-disk installation, which supports resizing the root partition, and using the lvm file system.
    Optimize functions and interactions of advanced installation and support using logical volume groups.

Backup and Restore

  • Add a new app "Backup and Restore".
    Support user data backup.
    Optimize system backup efficiency and performance.

Efficiency Improvements

The automatic file organization on the desktop improves working efficiency.

Linglong Apps

  • The pre-installed Music, Image Viewer, and Album apps are in Linglong format, and their UI is in a flow-design style.
    The pre-installed apps: Mail, Browser, Movie, Screen Capture, Draw, Document Viewer, Text Editor, Calendar, Calculator, Archive Manager, Camera, Gomoku, and Lianliankan are in Linglong format.


  • Adapts to 64-bit RISC-V,and now supports Shadow 1520 and StarFive VisionFive V1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: After system installation on some devices, some wireless network adapters had no drivers, and the wireless network was unavailable.
    Fixed: After downloading an app from Linglong Store, the app UI displayed messy characters during installation.
    Fixed: The Movie app cannot play MP4 and MKV files on USB flash drives.
    Fixed: On some devices, if there were two documents on the desktop, after opening one document, you cannot double-click to open another one.
    Fixed: On some devices, hidden files were shown blank.
    Fixed: The time was not centered in the text box.
    Fixed: When the Dock was on the left of the screen, in the full-screen mode of the launcher, the "Collapse" icon was not displayed.
    Fixed: The icons of appimage apps were not shown correctly in the Dock.
    Fixed: When Archive Manager was open, compressed files cannot be opened.
    Fixed: On some devices, the .bashrc file in the Home directory cannot be opened from the main menu of Text Editor.
    Fixed: Icons in the Dock were not normally displayed when recording the screen.
    Fixed: The date info of synced emails was wrong in Mail.
    Fixed: No Dock was displayed in the new workspace created in the multitasking view.
    Fixed: Rounded corners of windows became straight when windows were closed.
    Fixed: When playing videos from video websites in the Browser, videos cannot be played normally and the page flickered.
    Fixed: Bowser cannot import bookmark files from other disks and there were not any prompts.

To be fixed

  • It said insufficient permissions when files were deleted from the data disk.
    The system was stuck when an external hard disk in eiserfs format was inserted into or removed from it.*
    Device Manager - After scanning drivers, the CPU usage was not resumed to the previous state.
    Document Viewer - The .docx files could not be opened.
    Image Viewer - When the theme was set to dark, text and icons on the title bar was invisible.
    Music - When the theme was set to dark, the top bar and the bottom bar was not changed into dark.
    System Installer - A .uimg file could not be recognized in "Other Ways" installation method.
    Screen Capture - In X11 mode, after screen recording started, there was no recording icon in the Dock, so the recording cannot be ended.
    SSH services could not be enabled.
    System Monitor - No processes of running Linglong apps were shown in System Monitor.
    New .xls, .doc, and .ppt files created by the right-click menu of the desktop were shown messy characters after being opened with libreoffice by default.

Note: The Alpha version is a staged version, please install and try it in a non-production environment!



Baidu network disk download linkhttps://pan.baidu.com/s/1yR9ZYj3hTlYUxyeia-zuKQ?pwd=zimo

Extraction code: zimo

Google Drive downloadhttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IIp_WKg5B5kiaCt3_EOdnwA_dLWHjYzq?usp=share_link

BT Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/91s73upnh66m0nr/deepin-desktop-community-23-Alpha-amd64.iso.torrent/file


We solemnly thank those community teams and companies who have provided testing, documentation, [translation](https://www.transifex.com/linuxdeepin/public), and [mirroring support](https://www.deepin.org/mirrors/releases/). Welcome to use deepin and join our [forum](https://bbs.deepin.org/) to submit feedback and share your suggestions.

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