On the evening of September 21, 2023, the Wuhan Linux User Group Salon (WHLUG), hosted by the deepin community, was held at the New Youth Creators Café. The event attracted nearly 30 Linux enthusiasts from Wuhan to discuss technical topics and share technical experience and insights.

According to the previous topic collection, we found that everyone is interested in the integration of AI technology and desktop operating system. The day of the event coincided with the official announcement of deepin's official access to Big Model (UOS AI). HualetWang, head of deepin community, also came to WHLUG to explain the product technology and functional architecture of UOS AI, and demonstrated the AI capabilities of intelligent global search, email, and browser scenarios.

UOS AI 详情查看:https://www.deepin.org/zh/uos-ai-launch/

Then, zccrs gave a presentation on DDE. waylib is a Wayland compositor development library, based on qwlroots, provides a Qt-style development interface. It is designed to be deeply integrated with QtQuick, taking advantage of QtQuick's Scene Graphics model to simplify the complexity of window management. In waylib, it is possible to attach one or multiple Wayland Outputs to a QQuickWindow, and a corresponding Wayland Surface can be attached to a QQuickItem, allowing it to be mixed with QtQuick's graphics components and supporting QRHI for OpenGL and Vulkan compatibility in a single piece of code.

waylib 项目地址:https://github.com/vioken/waylib

Finally, ziggy shared his insights on the emerging file system Btrfs. According to ziggy, Btrfs brings more uncharted territory for enthusiasts to explore. In particular, DDE comes with a system installer that provides a more robust a/b root directory backup mode, making it a more convenient experience for the average beginner.

More photos:https://v.alltuu.com/album/1140242102/b92fe1c4661059eba236672f11cb0d69/

We're looking forward to gathering more enthusiasts at our October event, what would you like to see WHLUG talk about in October? Let us know by scanning the QR code below!

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