Deepin users:

Hello. Through the feedback of this week's internal testing activities, we find that the patches of system update of this time will cause a problem in the refresh of the display of the trays window in Dock. This bug will significantly impact the users’ experience, so we decide to suspend system update of this week.

Meanwhile, we thank our friends who joined in the internal testing activities of this time very much! The following is a name list of people we want to thank here:

  • ahyanglf
  • a287740928
  • pdlenovo
  • diyiliaoya
  • deepinwuyuvl
  • ArthurDeepin
  • bjwuyunlong
  • zywlsh
  • element
  • cbryy
  • 94088737
  • xiaoshitou
  • jswolf
  • ltofuy
  • huching
  • ldsink
  • kirigaya
  • wl1524520
  • lyxlgr

Related Information

  • The circle of Deepin system update is once every two weeks and the specific time is on Thursdays.
  • Click here to join in Deepin Internal Testing Group and you can participate in the internal testing activities of Deepin system.



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