New Applications

No. App Name App Category App Type
1 Mid-Autumn-National Day Wallpaper Personalization linux
2 Tumblr Likes Downloader Web Apps linux
3 Strawberry Music Player Web Apps linux
4 Mullvad Browser Web Application linux
5 LAN Share Web Application linux
6 FreeMAN Web Application linux
7 Cool-retro-term Web Application linux
8 animos Web Application linux
9 Account Scraper Web Application linux
10 snake.js Games & Entertainment linux
11 Graphql playground Programming linux
12 GXC Smart Contract IDE Programming linux
13 Ai bot workspace Programming Development linux
14 Unreel Efficiency Office linux
15 Synthein Game & Entertainment linux
16 DawnlightSearch System Tools linux
17 Neon Efficiency Office linux
18 Blizzard 4 Programming linux
19 Doki Doki Mod Manager Game & Entertainment linux
20 CustomRPC Social Communication linux
21 Brain Waves Education & Learning linux
22 Nexus Wallet Efficiency Office linux
23 ElDumper Game & Entertainment linux
24 Blink1Control2 Driving Tools linux
25 Grin++ Efficiency Office linux
26 Google Tasks Desktop Efficiency Office linux
27 fSpy Programming linux
28 Summoners War Exporter Programming Development linux
29 Verto Efficiency Office linux
30 LiveMe Pro Tools Video Playback linux
31 patchbay Social Communication linux
32 vREST NG Programming linux
33 Play 2048 Game & Entertainment linux
34 MDL Efficiency Office linux
35 mtCellEdit Efficiency Office linux
36 Ledger live Efficiency Office linux
37 dfDemo System Tools linux
38 Jitsi Meet Efficiency Office linux
39 IRCCloud Social Communication linux
40 Scatter Efficiency Office linux
41 P2p chat Social Communication linux
42 Scraper Programming linux
43 TeslaCam Browser Video Playback linux
44 Trackabi Timer Efficiency Office linux
45 scavengers Game Entertainment linux
46 Autumn Equinox Wallpaper Personalization linux
47 Beaver Notes Efficiency Office linux
48 PhotoSir Graphics linux
49 X-Loc Web Application linux
50 Serial Port Assistant Web Apps linux
51 Record-Compare Web Application linux
52 QT Alarm Web Applications linux
53 Pretty Handy Privacy Web Applications linux
54 Ping Viewer Web Application linux
55 Padloc Web Application linux
56 kleiner-brauhelfer v2 Web Application linux
57 Kage Web Application linux
58 HiDPI-Fixer Web Application linux
59 Drill Web Applications linux
60 Global Search AI Plugin System Tools linux
61 Deployer Web Applications linux
62 Cryptr Web Applications linux
63 Chrysalis Web Applications linux
64 Boda-Lite Web Applications linux
65 BAD SLAM Web Application linux
66 Snippet Store Programming linux
67 TurboWarp Education & Learning linux
68 QR Code Generator System Tools linux
69 KADE Office Efficiency linux
70 Like Task Manager System Tools linux
71 Status Pilatus System Tools linux
72 Wrapbox Web Application linux
73 ImExample Programming linux
74 QaterialGallery Programming linux
75 Substrate IDE Programming Development linux
76 MJML Desktop Programming linux
77 RHB Programming linux
78 Bloom Personalization linux
79 Green eye protection series wallpaper Personalization linux
80 Star Hosho Personalization linux
81 Plag Patrol Office Efficiency linux
82 Vieb Web Application linux
83 jExifToolGUI Graphics linux
84 Simple timer System Tools linux
85 KevEdit System Tools linux
86 mdview Efficiency Office linux
87 Prime World Editor Games & Entertainment linux
88 Left Efficiency Office linux
89 Telegram Desktop Social Communication linux
90 Wireboi Web Application linux
91 SavvyCAN Web Apps linux
92 Repetier-Host Web Application linux
93 QUaModbusClient Web Apps linux
94 qikQR Web Apps linux
95 privacy sexy Web Application linux
96 Peerio Web Application linux
97 KettleClient Web Application linux
98 Inochi Creator Web Application linux
99 GiteaPanel Web Applications linux
100 DFileManager System Tools linux
101 Bulk Reviewer System Tools linux
102 BlueGlow System Tools linux
103 Avant Garde Web Applications linux
104 Apprentice Video Graphics linux
105 UOS AI System Tools linux
106 Aria-NG GUI Web Applications linux
107 UEFI Tool Programming linux
108 Xplist Programming linux
109 cncjs Programming Development linux
110 GitQlient Programming linux
111 GitJournal Programming Development linux
112 ytDownloader System Tools linux
113 Chatbox AI Efficiency Office linux
114 WeChat Developer Tools (Linux) Programming linux
115 Play Your Damn Turn Game & Entertainment linux
116 Feed Series Efficiency Office linux
117 Nostlan Game Entertainment linux
118 Teacher's Day wallpaper Personalization linux
119 Gingko Writing Efficiency Office linux
120 Delta Chat Social Communication linux
121 Foxfolio Efficiency Office linux
122 Zero Controller Programming linux
123 Scytale Social Communication linux
124 Ryo Wallet Web Application linux
125 Pennywise Web Apps linux
126 Opal Video Editing linux
127 Hyperdex Web Applications linux
128 Cric Web Apps linux
129 BrickStore Web Application linux
130 Birds Kitchen Web Application linux
131 Artisan Web Application linux
132 Zap Wallet Convenient Life linux
133 UltraScreen Web Apps linux
134 Tablo Tools Electron Web Application linux
135 XPEViewer Programming linux
136 Zegarek System Tools linux
137 Waterfox Web Application linux
138 Dexter Dev Env Programming linux
139 Appium Inspector Programming linux
140 Cabal Chat Social Communication linux
141 Windows 12 Web Edition Personalization linux
142 White Dew Wallpaper Personalization linux

Application Updates

No. App Name App Category App Type
1 Axure RP8-Product Design Office Efficiency wine
2 DB Browser for SQlite-Database Management Programming linux
3 UEngine Runner System Tools linux
4 PDMan Metamodeling Programming Development linux
5 OpenJDK (Development Kit) Programming Development linux
6 Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers Programming Development linux
7 QQ Social Communication linux
8 Siyuan Notes Efficiency Office linux
9 Altaqwaa Music Radio linux
10 Remmina-Remote Desktop Web Application linux
11 Firefox International Edition(Mozilla English Edition) Web Apps linux
12 Firefox International Edition(Mozilla Chinese version) Web Apps linux
13 Kudou Music Music Radio wine
14 IntelliJ WebStorm Programming linux
15 IntelliJ RubyMine Programming linux
16 IntelliJ Rider Programming linux
17 IntelliJ PyCharm Professional Edition Programming Development linux
18 IntelliJ PyCharm Community Edition Programming linux
19 IntelliJ PhpStorm Programming linux
20 IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Programming linux
21 IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition Programming Development linux
22 Andor Whiteboard Educational Learning linux
23 IntelliJ GoLand Programming Development linux
24 IntelliJ DataSpell Programming Development linux
25 IntelliJ DataGrip - Database Management Programming Development linux
26 IntelliJ CLion Programming Development linux
27 POT-Translation Tool Convenient Life linux
28 App Store System Tools linux
29 Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers Programming linux
30 Eclipse IDE for Java and DSL Programming linux
31 Eclipse IDE for Embedded C/C++ Developers Programming linux
32 Eclipse IDE for Java Developers Programming linux
33 Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java and Web Developers Programming linux
34 Eclipse for PHP Developers Programming linux
35 Eclipse Modeling Tools Programming linux
36 Eclipse IDE for Scientific Computing Programming linux
37 Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers Programming linux
38 Eclipse for Scout Developers Programming linux
39 deepin-wine Diagnostic Tools Programming Development linux
40 Centralized Security Platform Web Application linux
41 Voice Notepad Office Efficiency linux
42 Visual Studio Code Programming linux
43 Archive Manager Decompression and Burning linux
44 Diagramming Graphics linux
45 StarUML Programming linux
46 Loxer Music Assistant Music Radio linux
47 Browser Web Application linux
48 Burson-Marsteller Education & Learning linux
49 Mailbox Social Communication linux
50 Wind Financial Terminal(For Institutions) Finance linux
51 ccQQ Social Communication linux
52 CloudWAN Web Apps linux
53 gThumb Image Browser Graphics linux102 云视讯 社交通讯 wine
54 PiPan Office linux
55 GnuCash Bookkeeping Finance linux
56 VeraCrypt Disk Safe System Tools linux
57 Darktable Photo Studio Graphics linux
58 OWASP ZAP Security Tool Programming linux
59 Office Efficiency linux
60 System Upgrade Tool System Tools linux
61 RuiYin Universal Print Driver (Personal Edition) Driver Tools linux
62 Spark Store Office Efficiency linux
63 Spark Store System Tools linux
64 360 Security Browser Web Application linux
65 Successful Editorial King Graphics linux
66 Flying Book Social Communication linux
67 Disks - Disk Management System Tools linux
68 Firefox Endpoint Security Management System V2.0 Antivirus linux
69 3D One Beta Graphics linux
70 Typora-Free Edition Efficiency linux
71 PeaZip-Compression Decompression and Burning linux
72 Nemo-File Management System Tools linux
73 Package Installer System Tools linux
74 RustDesk-Remote Desktop Web Apps linux
75 Koodo Reader-Reader Information Reading linux
76 fantacy Personalization linux
77 cinema Video Playback linux
78 Pentax Printer Driver Driver Tools linux
79 BeepBeep Video Playback linux
80 Thunderbird Email Client Office Efficiency linux
81 Converseen-Picture Converter Graphics linux
82 Tux Paint-Painting Graphics linux
83 Brave Browser Web Application linux
84 CodeLite IDE Programming linux
85 Listen1 Music Player Music Radio linux
86 Flush iFinD Finance linux
87 Cheat Web Application linux
88 Imagine Graphics linux
89 CTris Games & Entertainment linux
90 115 PC Efficiency Office linux
91 Database Preservation Toolkit Programming linux
92 Calibre - eBook Management Information Reading linux
93 OneNote-Cloud Notes Efficiency Office linux
94 uTools-Plugin Application System Tools linux
95 Wukong Image Graphics linux
96 EasyEDA Pro Graphic Images linux
97 Caritronics EDA Pro Graphics linux
98 Meld-File Compare System Tools linux
99 Text Editor Efficiency linux
100 WeChat Social Communication wine
101 Drawing Board Graphics linux
102 CloudVision Social Communication wine

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