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deepin is an elegant, easy to use and reliable desktop operating system released by Deepin Technology Co., Ltd. Featured applications are preinstalled in deepin. It caters to a variety of recreational activities while also fulfilling your daily needs. With continually improved and perfected functions, we believe deepin will be loved and used by more and more users.

The official release of Deepin 12.12 will feature a new desktop environment. This desktop environment has been developed by the Deepin team and is designed to be lightweight, beautiful and stable. The new desktop environment uses Compiz as the default window manager.

The System Settings module has been completely rewritten and will no longer utilize the Gnome Control Center. Instead, it will adopt the Deepin UI library for its interface. The initial versions of the Deepin music and video players are also based on this library. The latest version of the Deep screenshot tool also uses the Deepin UI library.

The new desktop environment will be an exciting change not only for the Deepin community but also for the rest of the operating system community. The international community will also see a desktop environment with a unique concept and a return to user action, where everything becomes familiar.

Deepin Desktop Environment

The application overview, which can be opened by clicking on the "Launcher" button in the bottom left corner of the screen, or the Alt+F2 key combination, allows you to quickly find and launch applications.

New bottom dock for quick access to frequently used applications

The new Dock consists of the traditional Dock + Tray (system level + program level). Clicking on the Dock panel brings up the 'System level tray display' and 'Dock display' options, which allow the user to customise the display of the system level tray and the display of the Dock.
The traditional bottom Dock, which quickly opens frequently used applications (the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen). It consists of the application launcher, the Show Desktop button, frequently used application shortcuts and the system tray. Supports the addition and removal of application shortcuts and displays a list of open application windows.

Simple message notifications

It will alert you to notifications from chat or other applications, as well as from the system, and will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen. The message tray will be improved in a later version.

Deepin System Settings Editor Podcast

The deepin System Settings, utilizing the deepin UI graphics library, features a redesigned interface for various modules such as Display, Sound, Personalization, Power, Account, Network, and others. This enables easy customization of each system module.

  • Here are a few highlights:
    1.Support for automatic screen brightness adjustment.
  • If your computer is equipped with a light source, this function automatically adjusts the screen brightness according to the external light level to save power.
  • 2.Personalised themes and wallpaper settings.
    a: Four sets of wallpapers are provided by default, which can be switched according to your preference. b: Supports random wallpaper playback, and you can set the interval time for image switching. c: Integrated with Love Wallpaper HD online wallpaper module.
  • 3.Support for lunar calendar date display.
    In the date and time module, support for Chinese lunar calendar dates has been added, and support for displaying international holidays and traditional Chinese holidays.
  • 4.More convenient network settings.
    Each network setting type, such as wired, dial-up, mobile and other network categories at a glance, the setting interface is extremely simple and can help you set up your network quickly.
  • 5.Quickly set up user avatars: support for the deep screenshot tool and camera capture.
    You can use the deep screenshot tool to take a screenshot and edit it to create an avatar, or you can use the camera to take a picture and set it as an avatar.
Welcome to experience deepin Desktop Environment!

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