deepin is a Linux distribution devoted to providing beautiful, easy to use, security and reliable system for global users.

As a revised edition, deepin 15.4.1 added Launcher mini mode, application start animation and window preview effect, optimized 2D mode of window manager, fixed bugs that forum users submitted and updated Deepin applications to the newest version.

Back to Classic, Freely Switch

Launcher mini mode is added, back to the classic operating way. Two modes are provided for user to switch freely.


Focus on Details, Personalized Animation

Well-designed application start animation increased the interest to run application. It's more efficient to drag and drop file to the application on Dock for opening. Window preview effect is back to make your dektop more vivid.


Start Screenshot in 1s without Waiting

Rebuilt Deepin Screenshot, really can start in 1s. Newly designed the toolbar and marquee, added the function to directly capture context menu.


Simple and Rapid Experience

Removed the 2D effect of window manager. Rebuilt and optimized unmixed mode, so as to improve the performance to that of Xfce/LXDE.


More optimized details are as below:


  • Newly added mini mode;
  • Optimized the search function;

Control Center

  • Newly added the settings to switch keyboard layout shortcuts;
  • Added the waiting effect for opening application window;
  • Move the function of Screen Project on homepage to display module;
  • Optimized system update mechanism and processes;
  • Optimized the mirror detecting mechanism of system update;
  • Optimized the content reloading in notification center;
  • Fixed the issue that no connection status displayed by network PPPOE dial;


  • Added the fucntion that directly open file by dragging and dropping it to the application;
  • Added the animation waiting function when open an aaplication;
  • Added tray display function when switch keyboard layout;
  • Optimized window preview effect;
  • Optimized the context menu display of shutdown to be consistent with shutdown interface;
  • Fixed the issue that black block occurred on desktop;

Window Manager

  • Fix the issue that it's not smooth to close the window;
  • Optimized the operation to switch between many windows by Alt + Tab;
  • Fixed the issue that blurred screen occurred in small window when add a new workspace;
  • Removed mixed support of 2D mode and rebuilt with speed optimization;
  • Cancel the Super + W/S/A shortcut operation in 2D mode;


  • Added the context menu or mouse wheel to set icon size on desktop;
  • Optimized the close function in hot corner;
  • Optimized hot corner to quickly trigger Control Center;
  • Optimized the fuzzy problem of desktop environment;


  • Fixed the issue that noise occured when play high fidelity music by bluetooth;
  • Optimized touchpad gestures;
  • Optimized the display of "Save as" dialog box and file type drop-down box in file manager;
  • Added a prompt for that Windows can not start after installed deepin;
  • Added a prompt for selecting mode after installed system in a virtual machine;
  • Added the function to eject disk in file management;
  • Fixed the search display issue occured by clicking the search button to consistent with Ctrl + F;
  • Fixed the issue that applications in Chinese version of Deepin Store can not be displayed caused by Deepin Installer timezone;
  • Fixed the issue that English occurred ofter installed Thunderbird;
  • Fixed the issue that balck screen ocuured when open Andriod application;

Easy to Get and Install

You can experience the unlimited charming brought by deepin in just a cup of tea time.

Please download ISO image of deepin, view video tutorial and install it by Deepin Boot Maker to your computer conveniently.


Official Download:

64bit: Click Here to Download (MD5 checksum)

Other Downloads (Syncing):

Baidu Cloud Disk, Sourceforge, MEGA, Google Drive , Community ISO Repository

Notes: Users can update to deepin 15.4.1 through “Control Center > System Information”.

Advocate Freedom and Share Happiness

deepin is an open source desktop system developed for common users. You are free to download, distribute, modify and use it.

Detailed address is GitHub: https://github.com/linuxdeepin

Welcome to follow us on Weibo, Twitter and Facebook to acquire latest update in the first time. You are also welcomed to join our forum to communicate and share your joy with us.

At last, we solemnly thank those community teams and companies who have provided testing, documentation, translation and mirroring support. You have made open source better with the selfless contribution!



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