deepin is a Linux distribution devoted to providing beautiful, easy to use, safe and reliable system for global users.

Compared to previous editiond, deepin 15.5 Beta applied the new Web application framework, added Wi-Fi hotspot sharing and color temperature adjustment besides fully compatible WUXGA screen and Flatpak application format supported. More importantly, network module and desktop environment are fully optimized.

About the optimization on network module and desktop environment, let's have a look at some new and small features.

VPN Export and Import

Optimized proxy function, fast export configured VPN and import existing VPN file.


Application Proxy Function

When set proxy, different applications required different environment (such as Netease Cloud Music and Spotify), then you can enable Application Proxy for specified applications.


Launcher Icon Scaling

On device with WUXGA screen, the system will auto adjust the icon size for your sreen. On common device, you can freely resize the icon by shortcuts and mouse wheel (Ctrl =/- or Ctrl+mouse wheel).


Desktop Icon Collision Avoidance

Besides Auto Arrange, if you want to move an icon to a location on desktop, just drag and drop it before another icon which will leave a location.


Plugins Hide on Dock

In Fashion and Efficient mode, if you want to reduce space on Dock, right click on Dock to select Plugins and uncheck the plugin to hide it.


Application Force Quit

If an application crashed when used, right click on Dock to select Force Quit to quickly close the application.


Package Cache Clear

When system updated, application installation package will be saved in the cache directory, then the disk space will be less and lesss. More space will release after clearing package cache regularly.



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Notes: Users can update to deepin 15.5 Beta through “Control Center > System Information”.

More detailed features and interaction, please look forward to deepin 15.5 offical.



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