deepin desktop edition works on notebooks and desktops, and aims at providing a stable, efficient and easy-to-use user experience. Its clean user interfaces and the convenient interactions reduces the browsing and searching time, allowing users to have more time to work and study. The new release - deepin 15.6, offers the delicated interfaces and easy-to-understand logics to help users start quickly. No matter which operating system was used before, you can get started easily.

Compared with last edition deepin 15.5, deepin 15.6 mainly added disable display scaling function for HiDPI screens, left navigation bar and music cover plugin in Control Center; developed the welcome program and new Deepin Manual for easier use. Besides the further optimization of deepin desktop environment, a newlook Launcher was designed, Dock, Control Center and the relevant desktop components were optimized partly as well.

New functions

deepin welcome program, get new features quickly

The newly added welcome program demonstrates and guides deepin personalization. When boot after deepin installation, the welcome program will be automatically shown, playing video introduction and guiding you to set desktop mode and icon theme, which can be opened later by clicking "dde-introduction" icon in Launcher.


Left navigation bar, change settings with one click

The navigation bar sticks on the left of Control Center. Click the module icon on the left to quickly skip to the settings you want, no need to scroll up and down any more. Moreover, display scaling function is integrated in Control Center for HiDPI screens.


New small window Launcher, customize your unique menu

Launcher in small window mode better fits the habits of dual systems users and new users, making the transition easier. The sequence of applications in "All Programs" list is the same as that of fullscreen mode, with the newly installed apps listed at the bottom, supporting dragging to reorder the list.

What is more, the applications can be listed based on use frequency, with the most frequently used application at the top; in this list, the use frequency is based on permanent time. Moreover, the applications can be uninstalled in it as in fullscreen mode.


Comprehensive Deepin Manual, easy to find out the answers

The new Deepin Manual integrates the manuals of desktop environment and all deepin applications as an overall introduction; click its icon in Launcher to find manuals quickly and easily.


Light or dark theme, switch as you wish

The interfaces of deepin applications are more consistent, providing both light and dark theme to meet your style requirements.


Improved desktop components, more thoughtful functions

Some of the new features are easy to get, while some are not and may be ignored. Even so, the detail fixing has never been stopped.


  • Added support for open mounting disk on dock;

Control Center

  • Added left navigation bar;
  • Added music cover plugin;
  • Added the prompt when set auto login and login without password;
  • Added palm detect settings for touchpad;
  • Added scroll speed setting for mouse wheel;
  • Added progress bar display when checking for updates;
  • Added the prompt when there was not enough disk space for upgrading system;
  • Added system source detection;
  • Added support for configuring the wired network before plugging in the network cable;
  • Added two setting items when enable IPsec in L2TP by creating VPN;


  • Added "Disable display scaling" in context menu;
  • Added Deepin Manual entry;


  • Added the scrolling display effect when there were many users in the login interface;



deepin 15.6 not only included new features, but also fixed the bugs and optimized some functions based on the feedbacks from community users.


  • Optimized the icon order on dock;
  • Optimized the app name displaying on the tray;
  • Optimized the display logic in multi-screen condition (dock is not in the middle of both screens any longer);
  • Optimized the plugins on dock;
  • Optimized the program logic for wallpaper storage and selection.

Control Center

  • Optimized account logic and prompts;
  • Optimized the scroll effect;
  • Optimized the interaction of notification list;
  • Optimized the system volume range.



  • Optimized the display effect for workspace switching.



  • Optimized the logic of login interface;
  • Optimized the login animation;
  • Optimized the transmission speed of Deepin File Manager;
  • Optimized cache display logic for wallpaper settings;
  • Optimized the action and the animation effects of notification messages;
  • Optimized the components performance and the resource consumption;
  • Optimized the overall compatibility for other applications.

Bugs fixed

In the development of deepin 15.6, besides adding new functions and improving the original functions, 217 bugs were fixed, excluding the bugs fixed after internal test. These bugs were fixed for desktop environment, deepin native applications, other applications, kernels, and Deepin File Manager, with 17 fatal bugs, 18 serious bugs, 152 normal bugs, and 30 enhancements.

Known but Unfixed bugs

There are still some problems in deepin. Some issues proposed by community users can not be reproduced once again, while some issues can not be reproduced by us. Although these bugs did not cause major problems, we still hope users know that so they can predict the problems that may occur, Besides that, more community enthusiasts are welcomed to help us improving. These issues include:

  • Deepin Remote Assistance sometimes did not work;
  • EFI verification error in the log when loading kernel, but it did not affect normal use;
  • System crashed sometimes when switching languages;
  • Page content was not shown in Deepin Store when the network was connected;
  • Dock may be unresponsive in some situations;
  • The screenshot file of Deepin Screenshot flatpak version cannot be saved out of user directory;
  • Deepin Image Viewer had performance problems with a large number of images.

Internal test conclusion

Prior to deepin official release, usually an internal test is implemented by a small number of community users, then we record their feedbacks and fix the bugs. In this release, we would like to thank the internal testing team, who submitted 15 suggestions and 52 bugs, covering Bluetooth, boot, shutdown, and Launcher. Among which, 11 suggestions have been confirmed for later fixing and 52 bugs have been completely fixed.

Thanks again to the members of internal testing team, including (in no particular order):



Official Downloads:
Click Here to Download (MD5) (SHA256)

Other Downloads (Synchronizing):
Baidu Yun, MEGAGoogle DriveCommunity ISO Repository


deepin 15.4.1 and above versions can be upgraded to the latest edition through "Control Center→Update".
More details for system upgrade are here: (Debug FAQ).

About us

deepin is an open source desktop system developed for common users. You are free to download, distribute, modify and use it.

Detailed address is GitHub:

Welcome to follow us on Weibo, Twitter and Facebook to acquire the latest update in the first time. You are also welcomed to join our forum to communicate and share your joy with us.

At last, solemnly thank community teams and companies who have provided support on testing, documentation, translation and mirroring. With your selfless contribution, open source world is getting better and better!


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  • dsavenk0

    My suggestions for improving the distribution:

    1. Сalendar. I would like to be added to the calendar reminders / notes, not just numbers. That would be like on a smartphone ...and when you hover with the mouse, that would not be just a number displayed, BUT and a review of notes for today (in the pop-up window).
    2. Equalizer. You can add a simple equalizer to the sound settings.
    3. You can do that if the music plays in the browser Chrome or any other, it could be put on pause in the "control center" (if possible).
    4. Add the ability to subscribe to the news for the web page (, so that news and notifications of changes come to the e-mail.
    5. Add the ability to add online-accounts in the settings (Settings =>User Accounts => Online Accounts).
    6. In the new Deepin Calculator application, there is no engineering mode
    7. You can add new sections to the Deepin Store. For registered users with an Deepin ID, the "favorites" section and the "history" of application downloads.
    8. Notifications for custom applications in system notifications. add the possibility in system notifications to subscribe to RSS
    9. Add interaction with Android devices and exchange notifications by means of GSConnect (
    10. Сan make the ability to add hard drives to your desktop. And that would be when you connect the USB drive it also appeared on the desktop (but also that it would be possible to disable this feature in the desktop settings)
    11. Add the ability to quickly close a pop-up notification by clicking on the X and if you click on the notification itself this application opens.
    12. Deepin File Manager. You can add the ability to change the permissions in the folder properties (and make the file hidden by putting the checkbox in properties). Add a photo stream to the file manager (Deepin File Manager)
    13. Add localization to Deepin Store.
    14. The ability to call search on the desktop. You can add the ability to run the Spotligt (system-wide desktop serach) on the desktop "Alt + Space" combination key.
    15. Add search in Spotlight on the desktop.
    16. Add an equalizer to Deepin Music. Add flac format support.
    17. Add additional settings for people with disabilities (High Contrast, Large text, Screen keyboard, Screen Reader, Visual Alerts).
    18. Add in the future a multilanguage voice assistant working on Artificial Intelligence
    19. Add the option of manual white balance in the mode of Eye Protection (using the slider).
    20. Add to Deepin Maneger the ability to view metadata files.
    21. Desktop Stacks - it automatically “stacks” files into contextually relevant groups, based on file type, date and tags (

    Fix this bugs:
    1. Sometimes after listening to the headphones, you have to switch in the settings that would sound.
    2. On the lock screen, you can not switch the layout language using the key combination (need to restart the computer to be logged in).
    3. No sound in Linux after rebooting from Windows!
    Windows do the wrong initialization of hardware, which is stored by controller after reboot. DMI-function also affects the bug: after enabling/disabling it in BIOS menu the sound appears till firs Windows startup.
    4. Dock panel in "smart hiding" mode loses blur
    5. The file manager is never scrolled by the mouse wheel and the touchpad
    6. Deepin Movie does not open mp3.
    7. The browser opens very slowly
    8. When opening text files (.txt) the system always tries to execute
    9. When you switch from Windows to Linux, the time in the OS and the BIOS.
    10. Optimize the photostream in the Deepin Image Veever application. The previews of the photos are enlarged in original quality, and this application is too slow and lagging.

    P.S. And what is the kernel version in Deepin, umm? Let's optimize the system and update the kernel to version 4.17.1

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    你们最好是win7 的功能全部有, 再加上独创绝招,你们的产品就可以去推广了,关于盈利,可以在应用商店上,收推广的钱,绝对不能收用户的钱,到时打败win的就不远了,

  • bothmena

    Please make the dde dock appear in all the monitors, this is the only problem I have with deepin Linux.
    I have 3 monitors, and I really need the dock to appear on every one of them.

    And thanks for the amazing work.

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