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deepin operating system is a Linux distribution dedicated to providing beautiful, easy-to-use, and secure services to global users. It has consistently been one of the highest-ranked Linux distributions developed by a team from China. 

The core goal of Deepin 20.9 version is to provide users with a stable system running version. This version does not integrate new system functions, but mainly focuses on fixing and optimizing stability issues present in the 20.8 version, in order to ensure system stability.

Deepin 20.9 has upgraded its Qt version to 5.15.8, and updated applications such as log viewer, photo album, drawing board, and system software package manager. It has fixed many experience-affecting issues, further improving the user experience of the system. Welcome friends to try it out!

deepin V23 Beta3 Mirror Download:

Access to Historical Version Software Packages (Before V20):


The update log of deepin 20.9 is as follows:

Additions and optimizations:

  • Upgraded Qt to version 5.15.8;
  • Optimization of the height of the window tube title bar from 40 pixels to 24 pixels;
  • Updated system log viewer application;
  • Updated system photo album application;
  • Updated system drawing board application;
  • Updated system software package management application;
  • Supported devices with a Boot partition and undamaged terminals to automatically repair the root file system in case of damage during the boot process;
  • Updated log collection tool;
  • Updated software package installer;
  • Updated terminal application;
  • Optimized the high-performance mode/balance mode strategy.

Bug fixes:


  • Fixed the problem where it takes more than 20 seconds to display the welcome popup when switching to a new user desktop after creating a new user and restarting, and during this period, the taskbar and control center opening and other operations are slow to respond;
  • Fixed the problem where accessing files through WPS is blocked after setting WPS to allow access to specific file permissions;
  • Fixed the problem where, after connecting a 4K screen and setting the scaling to 2.75 times, then reconnecting to a normal 1K display screen, logging out of the system, the login interface displays normally, and the desktop displays abnormally (the maximum scaling ratio of the control center is 1.25);
  • Fixed the problem where there are jagged shapes in the hover tips of the login interface network;
  • Fixed the problem where there are gear shapes when refreshing the network panel refresh button;
  • Fixed the problem where authentication interface appears when plugging and unplugging the external display, and dual screens cannot be authenticated to enter the desktop when locked;
  • Fixed the problem where the application preview image and application name display styles are incorrect;
  • Fixed the problem where the selected box size of the application preview image is inconsistent with the design image;
  • Fixed the problem where there is a screen flicker when switching control center other menus display menu under extended mode and turning off the personalized window effect.

File Manager

  • Fixed the problem where the file manager crashes when renaming under multiple systems and prompting resource or device is busy after clicking OK;
  • Fixed the problem where there is an error in the screen saver setting process image when opening the custom screen saver setting and using alt+tab to switch processes;
  • Fixed the problem where the ctrl+a shortcut key does not work after selecting the first file when the search is completed;
  • Fixed the problem where the font color of the shortcut key panel is inconsistent with the UI design image;
  • Fixed the problem where the order is wrong when switching options using the 【table】 shortcut key in the text manager dialog box;
  • Fixed the problem where the taskbar has no window tags when the screen saver custom window is open;

Other fixes

  • Fixed the issue with incorrect content in the qtdeclarative-opensource-src installation package.
  • Fixed the problem where dragging an application while the launcher window is open would cause it to be misplaced, and selecting the calendar would result in dragging the calculator.
  • Fixed the issue where the Bluetooth module was not available on some models (HONOR NBLK-WAX9X (C234) Notebook) after installing the system.
  • Fixed the problem where using the Alt+Tab shortcut to switch windows while in the window resizing option in the window manager did not respond.
  • Fixed the issue where dragging a window to the top of the screen near the top did not trigger full-screen display, and adjusting the taskbar position to the top of the screen caused the application window to not adapt to the display, causing the window to be covered by the taskbar.
  • Fixed the problem where the split screen divider would cover the application scrollbar when two applications were displayed side by side, making it difficult to select and drag the scrollbar.
  • Fixed the display abnormality issue of the dialog box under the "Deepin Store" dark theme.
  • Fixed the issue where the version information of the dialog box in "Deepin Store" was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed the problem where the tray menu in "Deepin Store" could not be activated.
  • Fixed the problem where the main window of "Deepin Store" was not restricted to the minimum height.
  • Fixed the issue where executing the "time sudo update-grub" command in the system terminal during the upgrade process would take too long to return the information.
  • Improved the compatibility of the system log collection tool.
  • Fixed the problem where the log collection tool could not open the help application through the "F1" shortcut or the "Help" option in the main menu.
  • Fixed the issue where the previewed content was empty after calling the print preview in the text editor for large files.
  • Fixed the issue where the application name of the help manual was displayed in English instead of Chinese after upgrading to version 6.0.2.
  • Improved system security and fixed security vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed the problem where switching to the password login interface was not possible when face recognition failed on the login or lock screen.

The following content provides additional information on the key updates of this version (not including new features):

Qt version upgrade

The deepin operating system has upgraded its Qt version to 5.15.8, which will bring better user experience and more features, further enhancing the system's compatibility.

qt upgrade
qt upgrade

Log Viewer

deepin 20.9 has updated the log viewer, which is a very important source of information when you need to troubleshoot errors in the system or applications. The log viewer is a tool provided by the operating system that can help you easily view the log information generated by the system and applications. It can help you track various events, including application errors, system failures, security events, and more.

Using the Deepin log viewer allows you to quickly browse and search logs to find the information you need. You can filter logs based on keywords, dates, times, and other criteria, and sort logs. In addition, the log viewer allows you to export logs for analysis and processing on other systems.

In terms of operating system management, the log viewer is also a very useful tool. Administrators can use it to monitor system logs and check and resolve issues. With the log viewer, administrators can quickly identify errors and faults in the system, enabling faster troubleshooting and repairs.

log viewer
log viewer

The log viewer is a very useful tool that can help you easily manage and analyze the log information generated by the system and applications. Whether you are a developer, an administrator, or a regular user, you can benefit from the log viewer.


The computer photo album application is a common software used to manage and browse photos on your computer. It is usually provided by the operating system or third-party developers. A computer photo album allows you to easily view, organize, and edit photos, as well as share these files with friends and family.

With the deepin photo album application, you can quickly browse all the photos on your computer. You can organize and manage photos according to different tags and categories, and use the search function to quickly find the files you need. In addition, the computer photo album also allows you to easily edit photos, including rotation, OCR text recognition, adding tags, and other functions, to better manage your files.

Furthermore, the deepin photo album also provides a slideshow feature, allowing you to easily share your photos with friends and family for a great viewing experience. If you want to always see your favorite photos, you can set them as your wallpaper with just one click.


Computer photo album is a very useful tool that helps you manage, browse, and edit your photos and share them with others. If you often deal with a large number of photos or need to share these files with others, deepin photo album will be a very practical tool.


The "Draw" application of the deepin operating system is a digital drawing tool that can be used to create various types of illustrations, comics, oil paintings, sketches, and other works of art. This application provides a rich set of drawing tools and features so that users can freely create. It can be easily accessed and used in the deepin operating system.

The Drawing application includes various drawing tools such as brushes, pens, oil paint brushes, and pencils, as well as various adjustment options such as color, stroke, line thickness, and opacity. In addition, it also supports vector graphics drawing, layer management, erasers, text input, and import and export of various image formats.

The user interface of the Drawing application is very simple and easy to use. Users can use it to create new artwork or open and edit existing image files. In addition, Drawing supports different canvas sizes and ratios to meet different drawing needs.


In summary, the "Drawing" application of the Deepin operating system is a very useful digital drawing tool that has a rich set of drawing tools and features, supports different canvas sizes and ratios, and can meet various creative needs. If you are an artist, designer, or enthusiast, the Drawing application is the perfect choice for your digital drawing needs.

Mirror Download


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Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to individuals, organizations, and enterprises who have contributed to the testing, documentation, translation, and mirror support of the Deepin operating system! It is through your collaboration that the Deepin operating system continues to improve and become better, thank you!

More excitement awaits in deepin 20.9!

If you have any questions or suggestions about the system, please feel free to join the discussion on the Deepin forum: Meanwhile, if you find any bugs while using the system, please don't hesitate to report them to us by opening an issue at Thank you for your support!



deepin V23 Beta3 Mirror Download:

Access to Historical Version Software Packages (Before V20):


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