In a bid to challenge Microsoft's Copilot, the developers of Deepin have announced they've begun the process of integrating AI into the desktop.

The team behind Deepin had already teased UOS AI (a tool to interface with different AI tools), which could help users more easily manage all kinds of processes (as well as generative AI work), but it seems they've opted to tone down the AI integration and offer only two different options: an AI coding assistant, and an image-editing plugin.

According to the Deepin X account, the image option is available from the Deepin App Store and makes it possible to add background blur/removal, upscaling, colorizing, resolution upgrading, turn your images into hand-drawn or 3D comics, and more.

As far as development is concerned, AI will be found in the new Deepin IDE by way of a programming assistant. The Deepin IDE is a multi-language, cross-platform development environment.

The new AI features will come with Deepin 23, which you can try out with the new beta 2 release.

As usual, the beta release is unstable, so it wouldn't be a good candidate for production usage. But if you want to see what Deepin has in store, with regards to AI, download and install beta 2. This could be just the beginning of AI integration for this Linux distribution.


Source: Linux Magazine

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