Application Added

No. Status Category Name Type
1 Placement Entertainments Hello! Minecraft Launcher Linux
2 Placement Development Android Studio Linux
3 Placement Office typora Linux
4 Placement Development Eclipse Modeling Tools Linux
5 Placement System win95app Linux

Application Updated

No. Status Category Name Type
1 Updates Development Postman Linux
2 Updates Development Falcon SQL Client Linux
3 Updates Development marktext Linux
4 Updates Development PyCharm Professional Linux
5 Updates Development WebStorm Linux
6 Updates Development PyCharm Community Linux
7 Updates Development DataGrip Linux
8 Updates Development RubyMine Linux
9 Updates Development IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Linux
10 Updates Development Rider Linux
11 Updates Development MKVToolNix GUI Linux
12 Updates Development Visual Studio Code Linux
13 Updates Development Android Studio Linux
14 Updates Development Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers Linux
15 Updates Development Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers Linux
16 Updates Development Eclipse IDE for Java EE Develop Linux
17 Updates Development Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers Linux
18 Updates Development Eclipse for Scout Developers Linux
19 Updates Internet Firefox ESR Linux
20 Updates Internet Thunderbird Mail Client Linux
21 Updates Internet electerm Linux
22 Updates Internet FinalShell Linux
23 Updates Internet Vivaldi Linux
24 Updates Internet Free Download Manager Linux
25 Updates Internet Nextcloud Linux
26 Updates Internet Firefox Quantum(EN) Linux
27 Updates Internet FileZilla Linux
28 Updates Internet Chrome Linux
29 Updates Internet GoLand Linux
30 Updates Internet TeamViewer Linux
31 Updates System KeePassXC Linux
32 Updates System Etcher Linux
33 Updates System uTools Linux
34 Updates System Double Commander Linux
35 Updates Chat Skype Linux
36 Updates Chat Rocket.Chat Linux
37 Updates Chat WeChat Wine
38 Updates Chat QQ Wine
39 Updates Office WizNote Linux
40 Updates Office LibreOffice Linux
41 Updates Office PDFsam Linux
42 Updates Music QQ music Linux
43 Updates Music Audacity Linux
44 Updates Multimedia Editing Shotcut Linux

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