The deepin operating system comes with a lot of useful features that are not found by many people, and it's a pity if these small ideas in product design don't help more people.

Therefore, this article takes Deepin Screenshot Recorder, which is known as "the perfect screenshot tool for Linux", as an example, to talk about those features that can bring great convenience in daily life and office work in detail.

Deepin Screenshot Recorder combines screenshot, screen recording, scrolling screenshot, OCR, etc., and provides many useful features. Whether you are a newbie or an old friend, you might as well experience the convenience brought by this application.

This article was contributed by deepin community user Merlin.


How to enable screenshot recording

  • Search for "Screenshot Recording" in the launcher and click on it to open the app;
  • Call up Screenshot Recording in the taskbar tray shortcut panel;
  • Use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+A (this is the most convenient way).


Function Description

Screenshot editing

Default provides text, line, arrow, blur, brush basic screenshot editing functions, mouse hover state, will show the name of the tool and the shortcut key, for high-frequency users can be used through the shortcut key.


Scroll Screenshot

The icon image is , the shortcut keyboard is Alt + I.  After adjusting the position of the scrolling screenshot, scroll the mouse wheel to realize the interception of a long picture, to solve the problem of not being able to intercept the complete picture in a screen, can automatically generate a long picture (the diagram shows the use of the scrolling map to intercept the content of the web page).


OCR (Text Recognition)

If you need to extract the text information of the screenshot after starting the screenshot recording function, you can click    the text recognition function to recognize the text in the picture information.

Text recognition currently supports intelligent recognition of Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English and supports one-click copying and saving as a text file.


Screenshot Top

After taking a screenshot of the information you need in your daily work, if you want to put it on the top of the screen as a control view, you can use the Cut Picture On Top function  to fix the captured picture on the top of the desktop.The image can be resized without taking up space on the desktop.


Screenshot Settings

  • Screenshot saving: You can set the location to save the screenshot according to your own usage habits, and in the settings, you can set the location to save to the clipboard, desktop, image or specify the saving path.
  • Screenshot effect: Based on the premise of saving the basic image style, it also provides the ability to beautify the screenshot, such as screenshot shadow, screenshot border beautification, etc., which makes it more convenient to use the screenshot in different scenarios.
  • Screenshot format: PNG, JPG, BMP formats are supported.


Application Shortcuts

For common system functions, Deepin Screenshot not only provides the interface entrance, but also supports the display of shortcut key "tip" in hover state, so that you can clearly understand the shortcut operation mode of all functions.

Each application of deepin OS has rich shortcuts, such as Ctrl+Shft+(?) to view the panoramic view of shortcuts in the enabled state of screenshot recording. /) to see a panoramic view of shortcuts, which can meet the demand for quick use when using screenshot recording.



Content source: deepin community
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