Overview of deepin community in February

In February 2024, 810 friends joined the deepin open source community family, and there are currently 151,817 forum partners;

In February, deepin V23 Beta3 was officially released, upgrading 1400+ packages in the pre-installed image package, adding 250+ software system updates, and further optimizing the functional experience;

In February, the deepin SIG group submitted a total of 214 PRs and 211 Issues. Currently, there are 40 SIG groups.

community products

deepin V23 Beta3

On February 2, 2024, deepin V23 Beta3 was officially released. The deepin V23 Beta3 version has upgraded 1400+ packages in the pre-installed image package, added 250+ new software package system updates, and further optimized the functional experience, including:

Support normal installation and game operation of Steam native applications;

Update and upgrade of system underlying dependencies: GCC, Qt, glibc, etc.;

The launcher has been refactored at the code level to improve running speed;

Control Center-Time and Date-Region-Country supports setting localized time and date formats according to the user's regional language;...

deep Home

In February 2024, Deepin Home received a total of 310 user demand feedback and bugs:

Among them, 240 were bug feedbacks, 70 were demand feedbacks, 9 had been fixed, 119 were reoccurring, and 56 were confirmed, including user feedback [Linglong software automatic update cannot be turned off], [Browser cannot be set as default], [V23 Problems such as deepin-deepinid memory abnormality under Beta3;

SIG group progress in February


  • Release deepin 2V3 Beta3


  • Refactored version of dde-application-wizard released with V23 beta3
  • Projects such as dde-launchpad are released with V23 Beta3

3.dde-port SIG:

  • Continue to promote the porting of DDE in various distributions
  • Archlinux, BigLinux and other distributions are initially following up with Beta3 DDE
  • Provides adaptation guide for V23 beta3 (see planet.deepin.org)


  • Published 110+ wallpapers suitable for deepin, 90+ of which were released on the Deepin Wallpaper Social Official Account

App Store

23 new applications were released: Among the new applications, 17 were updated to deepin V23 simultaneously, and 23 new applications were all Linux applications;

New applications include Xinchuang Phone Assistant, Warp Terminal and many other mainstream applications;

58 applications updated: Among the updated applications, 36 applications were updated simultaneously in deepin V23. Among them, 57 are Linux applications and 1 is a Wine application;

Applications updated in February include mainstream applications such as 360 Security Guard, DingTalk, and Youdao Cloud Notes.

In February 2024, the App Store received submissions and put 14 applications on the shelves, including popular applications such as Notes Master and Bluefish Editor, all of which can be installed and used in the App Store.

deepin Forum

A total of 8523 posts were posted on the deepin forum in February;

A total of 1133 topic posts were published;

More than 800+ new friends have joined the deepin forum.

Community Acknowledgments

[The most active member of the forum]

  • 阿尼樱奈奈
  • buyike
  • 晚秋(lateautumn)

[The most active partner in internal testing]

[The most active PR contributors]

  • zhoufuro
  • lJxDabab
  • wjyrich
  • yifanli-intel
  • qxp930712

Every contributor has had a huge impact on the development of the Deepin open source community. Welcome to work with us to raise the mast of Deepin!

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