Overview of deepin community in March

In March 2024, 968 people joined the deepin community, making a total of 152,779 forum partners.

In March, deepin V23 Beta3 had 5 internal updates, with 48 new and updated repositories, 72 issue fixes, and 8 new features.

In March, 2 new deepin SIG groups were added, a total of 323 PRs were submitted by SIG groups, 262 Issues were submitted, and there are currently 42 SIG groups.


Community Products

Deepin Home

In March 2024, Deepin Home received a total of 293 user feedbacks and bugs:

Among them, 210 are bug feedbacks, 77 are demand feedbacks, 16 have been fixed, 99 are in the process of reproduction, and 37 are confirmed.

Repaired, including user feedback [comes with browser synchronization failure], [theater can not play the double-click to open the video. , [File Manager cannot copy files normally] and other problems.

SIG Group Progress for March

There are a total of 2 new deepin SIG groups added in March 2024.

  • deepin-unioncode SIG: A gathering place for IDE technology enthusiasts to improve themselves while improving the product and realize common progress. Contributions include new feature development, product suggestions, trial feedback, problem fixing and so on.
  • Hygonarch SIG: HygonArch SIG mainly focuses on Hikari chips, presenting the architectural features, driver functions, security technologies, and upper layer software ecosystem of Hikari C86 chips. This SIG will focus on the instruction set advantage of Hikari processor, the security technology of Hikari embedded heterogeneous security processor, as well as the application technology of Hikari C86 upper layer software, combined with the existing ecology of deepin community, to expand the application of the chip based on a multi-level to meet the business scenarios of community developers and users.

March existing group dynamics:

  • deepin-sysdev-team: Maintaining and updating baseline packages.
  • DDE SIG : working on features related to dde-launchpad and dde-shell.
  • dde-port SIG: Continuing to promote DDE porting to various distributions.


Community Activities

On March 28th, deepin community launched the first Online Meetup for overseas users. The event consisted of 4 parts, namely introducing the important updates of deepin V23, synchronizing users with the release plan and technical route of V23, answering users' high-frequency questions, and fielding questions and answers from overseas users.

This event set up a face-to-face communication platform for deepin R&D team and overseas users, which promoted the interaction and communication between both sides and helped deepin R&D team to better understand the needs of overseas users and improve user satisfaction.


App Store

16 new apps in March: all of them are Linux native apps, and 15 of them are synchronized to deepin V23 app store; the new apps include Jan AI, Fast Enough Cloud Library and other mainstream apps;

In March, 98 apps were updated: 94 of them were native apps and 3 were wine apps; 68 of the updated apps were synchronized to deepin V23, including mainstream apps such as CAD, Ali Cloud Disk, and Youdao Cloud Notes;

User recommended apps for March:

  • [deepin-IDE] - User Rating: Elegant and Simple
  • [notepad - text editor] - user comments: surprise, surprise, very good to use!
  • Pdfarranger - PDF Editor] - User Comments: Simple and practical but also free!
  • ......

Welcome to the comments section & forums continue to recommend useful applications.


Community Acknowledgement

【Forum's Most Active Partner】

  • 阿尼樱奈奈
  • buyike
  • jjcui8595

【The most active partner in the beta test】

  • 字母N
  • 阿尼樱奈奈
  • daiyue
  • buyike
  • dreamcast
  • 杜梨树下

【The most active partner in PR】

  • hillwoodroc
  • yyc12345
  • debuggerx01
  • qq909244296
  • hghgthifg


Every contributor has had a huge impact on the development of the Deepin open source community. Welcome to work with us to raise the mast of Deepin!

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