Overview of the deepin Community in April

In April 2024, 1131 new members joined the deepin community, bringing the total forum partners to 153,910.

In April, deepin V23 Beta3 underwent 2 internal test updates, with a total of 14 new and updated repositories, 21 issue fixes, and 24 new features added.

In April, 1 new deepin SIG group was established, with a total of 657 PR submissions and 450 issue submissions by SIG groups, bringing the total number of SIG groups to 43.


Community Products

Deepin Home

In April 2024, the Deepin Community received a total of 260 user feedback and bug reports, including 201 bug reports and 59 feature requests. Of these, 12 issues have been fixed, 82 are under investigation for replication, and 25 have been confirmed.

The fixes include issues such as "No response when switching to dark mode in appearance," "Invalid failure when entering WiFi password in dde-shell taskbar," and "Loss of shortcut keys in input method configuration."

SIG Group Progress in April

In April 2024, one new deepin SIG group was added:

  • LoongArch SIG: This group is dedicated to adapting the deepin operating system for the LoongArch architecture.

Existing Group Updates:


  • Maintaining and updating baseline software packages
    Preparing for the release of the RC version


  • Developing features related to dde-launchpad and dde-shell
  • Preparing for the release of the RC version

dde-port SIG:

  • Continuing to promote the porting of DDE to various distributions


App Store

In April, 29 new applications were added, including 7 native Linux applications and 22 Wine applications, all of which have been fully listed in the Deepin V23 App Store. Newly added applications include mainstream applications such as Cloud Review and Thorium Browser.

Additionally, 80 applications were updated in April, including 71 native Linux applications and 9 Wine applications. Among the updated applications, 68 were synchronized with updates on Deepin V23, including mainstream applications like Zhongwang CAD, Alibaba Cloud Drive, and Youdao Cloud Notes.

Community Activities

On April 18, 2024, Deepin was invited to participate in the Intel Channel Partner Networking Fair. During the Intel Demo Showcase segment, Deepin showcased its latest achievements in operating systems and AI large-scale model applications to elites from the global tech community.

Click More: https://www.deepin.org/en/deepin-attends-the-intel-channel-partner-networking-fair/


Community Acknowledgement

【Forum's Most Active Partner】

  • buyike
  • 阿尼樱奈奈
  • 晚秋

【The most active partner in the beta test】

  • p***9@tutanota.de
  • 指尖
  • jiutian123
  • 悠享余光
  • pinbian

【The most active partner in PR】

  • wjyrich
  • Van020530
  • lJxDabab
  • hillwoodroc
  • mhc2910463910


deepin V23 Beta3 Mirror Download:  https://www.deepin.org/en/download/

Access to Historical Version Software Packages (Before V20):  https://distrowatch.com/index.php?distribution=deepin


--------------- 开源操作系统,以用为本,拥抱创新 ---------------
--------------- Open source operating system, for use and innovation. ---------------



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