Deepin Image Viewer V1.1 is a bug fix version, it has adjusted the interface, and optimized the all functions and performance, and fixed the bug user feedback.


Interface optimization:

Timeline and album

  • It adjusted the background color of the main panel and the toolbar.
  • It has changed the album icon, taking the album deep color to make the center deep, and added adding album button.
  • It has changed the layout of the timeline interface, moving the time spots to the top of the split line, and adjusted the space of the time spots.
  • It has changed the layout of the album, adjusted the space of the albums.
  • It has changed the choosing style of the toolbar, making layers of the top toolbar and the bottom status bar, seperated them from the background.
  • It has added the black gradient of the mask below the toolbar, and optimized the time shown on the light background.
  • It has replaced the initial blank picture and import button, and adjusted the space between the text and the picture.

Viewing Picture

  • Added left and right button and the shadow of the navigation window.
  • Adjusted the position of the toolbar to avoid touch by mistake.
  • Adjusted the detail info panel of the picture.
  • Adjusted the play effect of the slideshow.


Performance optimization and functional adjustment:

  • Optimized the rendering and switching performance of the window.
  • Optimized the thumbnail rendering.
    Supported more file formats, including the following formats:
  • Adjusted the multiselect menu and function.
  • Added delete confirm dialog on some of the deleting operations.
  • Modified the way the thumbnail stores.


Bug Fix:

  • Fixed the lag of the fullscreen window.
  • Fixed the scrolling calc of the zooming pictures.
  • Fixed the position offset of the navigation window.
  • Fixed the importing error of some pictures.
  • Fixed the ghost image of the toolbar.
  • Fixed the problem that some pictures cannot be set as a background image.
  • Fixed the problem that some pictures cannot be analyzed.

Deepin user can get Deepin Image Viewer V1.1 by updating & upgrading the system, or searching and downloading through Deepin Store.