Deepin Image Viewer V1.2 is a bug fix version, it has added part of the function and optimized some of the operations, and fixed the bug user feeded.

Newly Added:

  • Added image directory sync and management function;
  • Added realtime monitor for image status;
  • Added shortcut keys for page turning/select/select all/zoom;
  • Added custom slideshow play effects;
  • Added image printing function;
  • Added path for returning to upper level while viewing images;
  • Added settings page;
  • Added theme switching function;

Function Optimized:

  • Unified UI for menu and notifications and set the color as light color;
  • Optimized management functions for albums;
  • Improved compatibility for viewing multiple format of images;
  • Added image preload mechanism for slideshow playing;
  • Optimized efficiency for generating thumbnails;
  • Optimized clarity for thumbnails;
  • Optimized lag issues when loaded with many pictures;

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed the crash problem while deleting pictures in timeline;
  • Part of the pictures cannot be rotated;
  • Fixed the crash problem when switch some of the pictures;
  • Fixed the issue that the order of the timeline was not accurate;
  • Fixed the errors of some dialog UI;
  • Fixed the issue that some of the shortcut keys do not take effect;
  • Fixed the icon display error on the viewing interface;

Deepin user can get Deepin Image Viewer V1.2 by updating & upgrading the system, or searching and downloading through Deepin Store.

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