Overview of deepin community in November

In November, 1,084 friends joined the deepin open source community family, and there are currently 148,891 forum partners.

In November, the deepin system version was upgraded a total of 4 times, with a total of 13 bugs fixed and 19 new functions added.

In November, FVP officially supported deepin V23, and deepin V23 successfully adapted to the domestic graphics card Moore Thread MTT S80.

In November, the deepin SIG group submitted a total of 1828 PRs, submitted 210 issues, personally contributed 316 PRs, and personally submitted 16 issues.

community products

deepin operating system

In November, deepin V23 system carried out the fourth internal test push:

The internal test was launched on November 3, with 4 new functions, 3 new warehouses, and 6 bug fixes;

Internal testing was launched on November 10, with 6 new warehouses and 8 bug fixes;

On November 17th, the internal test was launched, with 4 functions and optimization functions and 1 problem fixed;

Launched for internal testing on November 24, with 1 new function, 2 new warehouses, and 4 bug fixes

FVP officially supports deepin V23

FVP was developed by ARM, which more accurately simulates ARM's microarchitecture and security extensions, and can support the latest ARM instruction sets and functions. Now that deepin v23 has adapted to FVP, you can successfully use the deepin v23 system to run the FVP environment and simulate deepin v23 on it.

deepin V23 successfully adapted to Moore thread MTT S80

The Moore Thread MTT S80 graphics card, released in November 2022, is equipped with a complete "Chunxiao" chip core, with built-in 4096 MUSA stream processing cores and 128 Tensor tensor cores. At the main frequency of 1.8GHz, it can provide 14.4TFLOPS of single-precision floating point computing power. The trial version image of deepin for MTT S80 has been launched and can be downloaded and tried. The MTT S80 graphics card driver runs stably on the deepin V23 Beta2 operating system and can reach the level of mainstream Linux platform graphics cards.

SIG group November progress


  • Added the dde-shell component, improved the DDE component, and pushed some DDE-related technology preview updates to internal testing
  • dde-port:
  • Continue to improve the porting work of distributions such as Archlinux and openSUSE


  • Promote improved support for RISC-V and loong architectures
  • deepin-sysdev-team:
  • Update Qt and other multi-batch system core software package versions


  •   prow adds topic warehouse-related command support to continue to improve the intelligence of the automated pipeline


  • Continue to lower the threshold for use, add new examples and add a guidance article "How to compile with "deepin-shared-libs" and "ShiroDEB" (OBS-Studio)"
  • Strengthen cross-community cooperation and start contributing build scripts & binary resources to shiroDEB

For more SIG updates, please follow: planet.deepin.org

app Store

279 new applications were released: Among them, 189 applications were updated to deepin V23, 278 new applications were all Linux applications, and 1 was a browser extension.

These include Haochen CAD (Linux version) V2023 and a variety of exquisite wallpapers and themes for cities and theme competitions;

185 applications updated: 121 applications were updated simultaneously in deepin V23. Among the updated applications, 180 are Linux applications, 3 are Android applications, and 2 are wine applications.

Applications updated in November include mainstream applications such as QQ, Tencent Conference, Microsoft Edge, and XMind.

Community Acknowledgments

[The most active member of the forum]

  • Ani Sakura Nana
  • buyike
  • fax928

[The most active partner in internal testing]

  • hotime
  • yaoying
  • Flowers and rain fall away
  • wlly-lzh
  • Liu Ding

[The most active PR contributors]

  • xwqlikepsl
  • student-ice
  • TheThreeDog
  • hillwoodroc
  • hotime
  • kt286
  • benqin66

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