New Applications

No. APP Name App Category APP Type
1 ZeroTier One Network Applications linux
2 E-Linkz Hi-Tech Driver (Jiangsu Edition) Driver Tools linux
3 U disk ISO image burning tool Decompression and Burning linux
4 Sunny ScreenShot Graphics linux
5 Glyphr Studio Desktop Web Application linux
6 Local Backgammon Games & Entertainment linux
7 Clouds Series Wallpaper Personalization linux
8 Microcosmos series wallpapers Personalization linux
9 Leap over nature series wallpapers Personalization linux
10 Qawl Information Reading linux
11 Newton's Adventure Game Entertainment linux
12 Gulden Efficiency linux
13 simple-s3-uploader Web Application linux
14 City wallpapers-Shenzhen Personalization linux
15 ngPost Web Apps linux
16 Markman Web Application linux
17 Kiibohd Configurator Web Application linux
18 Kanon Web Application linux
19 JoalDesktop Web Application linux
20 ITUSB2 Manager Web Application linux
21 ImpPoster Web Application linux
22 GooboxFileShare Web Application linux
23 GM-Companion Web Application linux
24 flightgear-airports Web Application linux
25 Celeste Classic Games & Entertainment linux
26 Unicode Converter Efficiency Office linux
27 Script Kit App Efficiency Office linux
28 Awakened PoE Trade Game Entertainment linux
29 GURPS Character Sheet Game Entertainment linux
30 Aphelion Wallet Efficiency Office linux
31 Spaceship - The new order Game Entertainment linux
32 OpenTodoList Efficiency Office linux
33 AnaVis Video Editing linux
34 Mobile Cloud Cloud Space Web Application linux
35 Frostbite Wallpaper Personalization linux
36 Star Serial Assistant System Tools linux
37 qalculate-gtk Office Efficiency linux
38 RBDL-Toolkit Web Apps linux
39 Qt5Demo Web Application linux
40 POE Ladder Web Application linux
41 PanWriter Web Application linux
42 P2PDerivatives Web Application linux
43 OSRS Tools Web Application linux
44 MeowSQL Web Application linux
45 MazeSolver Web Application linux
46 Fractale Web Application linux
47 Exportoo Web Application linux
48 EverInst Web Application linux
49 Digitales Klassenzimmer Web Application linux
50 Cscrypto Web Application linux
51 Tonuino Toolbox Driver Tools linux
52 Marlin config Programming linux
53 UHK.Agent Driver Tools linux
54 SpeedyLoader Programming linux
55 Groot Education & Learning linux
56 LibreOffice(Chinese version) Efficiency Office linux
57 LibreOffice (Mainstream Languages) Efficiency Office linux
58 Easystroke System Tools linux
59 Chrysanthemum Festival wallpaper Personalization linux
60 CleepDesktop Web Application linux
61 CIAA Suite Web Apps linux
62 CARTA Web Application linux
63 Board Game Star Web Application linux
64 Block DX Web Application linux
65 Bitwarden Connector Web Application linux
66 AudioMoth Web Application linux
67 AppImageUpdate Web Application linux
68 Hazy-color Theme Personalization linux
69 Macaron Theme Personalization linux
70 Qrganic Glass Theme Personalization linux
71 Square Theme Personalization linux
72 Scrivano Education & Learning linux
73 Cold dew wallpaper Personalization linux
74 Lorien Education & Learning linux
75 Android messages desktop Social Communication linux

Application Updates

No. APP Name App Category APP Type
1 KeeWeb Web Applications linux
2 Calibre-Ebook Management Information Reading linux
3 QTScrcpy-Cast Screen System Tools linux
4 POT-Translation Tool Convenient Life linux
5 QIANSHENG Trusted Browser Web Apps linux
6 Wireshark-Network Packet Analysis Web Apps linux
7 StepMania Games & Entertainment linux
8 Remmina-Remote Desktop Web Apps linux
9 TeXstudio Efficiency Office linux
10 notepad - text editor Efficiency Office linux
11 IAuto Drawing Graphics linux
12 Firefox ESR Web Application linux
13 UClient Office Efficiency linux
14 Microsoft Edge Stable Web Application linux
15 Motrix - download tool Web Application linux
16 KRDC-Remote Desktop Web Applications linux
17 Thunderbird Email Client Efficiency Office linux
18 Efficiency Office linux
19 BeepBeep Video Playback linux
20 Centralized Security Platform Web Application linux
21 LocalSend-File Sharing Web Application linux
22 Kdenlive-Video Editor Video Editing linux
23 QQ Social Communication linux
24 Firefox International Edition(Mozilla Chinese Edition) Web Apps linux
25 Tencent Conference Social Networking linux
26 HHDBCS System Tools linux
27 Bitwarden-Password Management System Tools linux
28 ClamTk virus scanning tool System Tools linux
29 Great Wisdom Financial Management linux
30 Ando Whiteboard Education & Learning linux
31 360 Security Browser Web Application linux
32 Clipmaster Web Version Video Editing linux
33 Xmind: Mind Mapping Office linux
34 Chrome-Google Chrome Web Apps linux
35 HW CloudLink-Video Conferencing Social Communication linux
36 FireFleece Terminal Security Management System V2.0 Antivirus linux
37 deepin-wine diagnostic tool Programming linux
38 Pineapple Viewer Graphics linux
39 KeePassXC-Password Management Web Application linux
40 Obsidian-Obsidian Notes Office Efficiency linux
41 CubicSDR Analog Radio Web Application linux
42 RuiYin Universal Print Driver (Personal Edition) Driver Tools linux
43 Red Lotus Security Browser Web Applications linux
44 Firefox(Mouzhi Chinese version) Web Application linux
45 LibreOffice-Office Suite (Full Language) Office Efficiency linux
46 Pensela-Screen Annotation System Tools linux
47 Ulauncher-Application Launcher System Tools linux
48 Visual Studio Code Programming linux
49 Sayonara Player Music Radio linux
50 Meld-File Compare System Tools linux
51 AliCloud Disk Little White Sheep Edition Web Applications linux
52 BlueGriffon Programming linux
53 Hochen CAD 2024 Graphics linux
54 Flying Book Social Communication linux
55 QGIS Education & Learning linux
56 Master PDF Editor Office Efficiency linux
57 Virbox LM User Tool Programming linux
58 ZW CAD 2023 Graphics linux
59 Cherrytree Programming linux
60 Wine Runner System Tools linux
61 Waydroid Runner System Tools linux
62 WeChat Linux Starfire Social Communication linux


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