New Applications

No. APP Name App Category APP Type
1 TilingGenerator Web Applications linux
2 Opentrons Web Applications linux
3 htmldoc Web Applications linux
4 CutePeaks Web Application linux
5 Evoplex Web Application linux
6 PhreshPlayer Video Playback linux
7 City wallpapers-Xi'an Personalization linux
8 noteshrink-qt Programming linux
9 Infection Monkey System Tools linux
10 UltraGrid Video Editing linux
11 wunderlistux Office Efficiency linux
12 Bodacious Music Radio linux
13 Pext System Tools linux
14 Kirigami Example Showroom Programming linux
15 Klogg System Tools linux
16 Carpenters Efficiency Office linux
17 Qucs-s Programming linux
18 Mindmapp Office Efficiency linux
19 Linux Intel Undervolt GUI System Tools linux
20 SimDSP Programming linux
21 glTF_Insight Programming Development linux
22 Cloud Browser Web Application linux
23 KawAnime Web Application linux
24 Demonizer Games & Entertainment linux
25 Safe_Multisig Web Application linux
26 Galacteek Web Application linux
27 ScienceFair Education & Learning linux
28 PatternPaint Graphics linux
29 Qrop Efficiency Office linux
30 Vessel Efficiency Office linux
31 ProcDepMonitor System Tools linux
32 KWordQuiz Vocabulary Training Cards Education & Learning linux
33 KBackup File Backup System Tools linux
34 Snow Wallpaper Personalization linux
35 Movie monad Video Playback linux
36 IGdm Social Communication linux
37 Pelusica Games & Entertainment linux
38 Deadgame 2048 Game Entertainment linux
39 Twitch wrapper Music Radio linux
40 SocNetV Efficiency Office linux
41 Spark wallet Convenient Life linux
42 vCloudcam Efficiency Office linux
43 Unofficial desktop client for ProtonMail Web Apps linux
44 Prism Launcher Web Apps linux
45 FreeTexturePacker Graphics linux
46 Novo SGA Panel Client Programming linux
47 Cabal Desktop Mini Social Communication linux
48 moolticute Web Applications linux
49 MiniZinc IDE Programming linux
50 NordVPN linux Web Applications linux
51 RoboRock_Control_Center Driver Tools linux
52 Sticker convert Graphics linux
53 Jscad desktop Efficiency Office linux
54 Puush qt Office Efficiency linux
55 GPUpad Programming linux
56 ERScaffold Programming Development linux
57 SUMOCO Office Efficiency linux
58 BulkURLOpener Efficiency Office linux
59 City wallpaper-Nanjing Personalization linux
60 EmuDeck Game Entertainment linux
61 ConsoleWorkbench Programming linux
62 Stash electron Efficiency Office linux
63 Burning series Video Playback linux
64 Bypass_Cors Programming linux
65 KeyboardClient Driver Tools linux
66 Valeronoi Network Application linux
67 bioanimation Education & Learning linux
68 City wallpaper-Whhan Personalization linux
69 CrossCode_Map_Editor Games & Entertainment linux
70 Bts ce lite Efficiency Office linux
71 Pretty handy privacy Efficiency Office linux
72 Planet_Blupi Game Entertainment linux
73 Qt 5 Dbus Viewer Programming linux
74 Qt 5 Pixel Magnifier Programming linux
75 Qt 5 Linguist Programming Development linux
76 Qt 5 Designer Programming linux
77 Qt 5 Assistant Programming Development linux
78 RNote Efficiency Office linux
79 Elisa Music Player Music Radio linux
80 Scrite Web Application linux
81 KDiskFree Disk Usage Viewer System Tools linux
82 Makagiga Efficiency Office linux
83 MEGAsync Web Application linux
84 Snail Cloud Drive for PC Web Apps linux
85 Speed Dreams Games & Entertainment linux
86 OpenJDK (Long Term Maintenance Edition) Programming linux
87 HTML Builder Programming Development linux
88 SeaPig Programming linux
89 DBGlass Programming Development linux
90 React-Explorer System Tools linux
91 Responsivize Programming linux
92 FileCtor System Tools linux
93 Open Log Viewer System Tools linux
94 Time Series Admin Efficiency Office linux
95 Discord RPC Maker Programming linux
96 sqlui-native Programming Development linux
97 Janpankana Education and Learning linux
98 Protoman Programming linux
99 Silex website builder Programming Development linux
100 Ten Hands Programming Development linux
101 Picturama Graphics and Imaging linux
102 OhHai Browser Web Application linux
103 Tofino Web Application linux
104 Moosync Music Radio linux
105 Unofficial Desktop Client for Google Assistant Convenient Life linux
106 LogSnag Office Efficiency linux
107 encrypt0r System Tools linux
108 texpaste Education & Learning linux
109 Catalyst Web Browser Web Application linux
110 Local Mock Server Programming linux
111 Jasper Programming linux
112 Socially Social Communication linux
113 Crypter System Tools linux
114 Yet-Another-Gitbook-Reader Information Reading linux
115 i18n Manager Programming linux
116 Threema For Desktop Social Communication linux
117 mediaChips Video Playback linux
118 DBcloner Programming linux
119 devdocs-app Programming linux
120 Multiple File Manager System Tools linux
121 Deskfiler System Tools linux
122 Corda Node Explorer Network Applications linux
123 primitive.nextgen Graphics linux
124 todometer Office Efficiency linux
125 Dusk Player Music Radio linux
126 Altus Social Communication linux
127 U Stair Efficiency Office linux
128 YTMDesktop App Video Playback linux
129 Java Decompiler GUI Programming linux
130 Geophar Education & Learning linux
131 Quba E-Invoice Viewer Efficiency Office linux
132 LeafView Graphics linux
133 stay-hydrated Convenient Life linux
134 Tilde Music Radio linux
135 Code Notes Programming linux
136 Storaji Office Efficiency linux
137 HBBatchBeast Video Editing linux
138 Merge Request Notifier Programming linux
139 Flawesome Efficiency Office linux
140 Kahla Efficiency Office linux
141 Pinta Web Application linux
142 p7zip-gui Web Application linux
143 Gis Weather Web Application linux
144 Frontimer Web Application linux
145 Feishin Web Application linux
146 ChemCanvas Web Application linux
147 DeckMaster Games & Entertainment linux
148 Subtitler Video Editing linux
149 PlayCode Video Playback linux
150 OpenBazaar Programming linux
151 Remindr Efficiency Office linux
152 Poddycast Music Radio linux
153 Papyrus Efficiency Office linux
154 Monokle Programming linux
155 Barklarm Efficiency Office linux
156 Visual Family Tree Education and Learning linux
157 Invizi Efficiency Office linux
158 monolith code Programming linux
159 PaperCubes Game & Entertainment linux
160 massCode Programming Development linux
161 Oversetter Efficiency Office linux
162 MultiView Web Version Information Reading linux
163 Lokalize Assisted Translation System Efficiency Office linux
164 wxFormBuilder Programming linux
165 KFind File Finder System Tools linux
166 KDE Connect System Tools linux
167 Winter Wallpaper Personalization linux
168 Tomato Log Office Efficiency linux
169 wdOS Programming linux
170 clipboard-manager-electron System Tools linux
171 TidGi Office Efficiency linux
172 Peacock Web Application linux
173 ElectronIM Social Communication linux
174 PaperArxiv Education & Learning linux
175 Grsync File Synchronization System Tools linux
176 WishDemo Web Application linux
177 weatherdump Web Apps linux
178 Waterfox Classic Web Apps linux
179 unoffical-sonos-controller-for-linux Web Applications linux
180 Tumblr Scraper Web Application linux
181 Tumblr Downloader GUI Web Application linux
182 ThermusQt Web Application linux
183 TeleDrive Web Application linux
184 Tag Editor Video Editing linux
185 Syncthing Tray Web Application linux
186 Software-Challenge-GUI Web Application linux
187 Shannon Calculator Web Application linux
188 Notepack Web Application linux
189 cordlauncher Web Application linux
190 Akiee Office Efficiency linux
191 MagicCap System Tools linux
192 StudyMD Efficiency Office linux
193 Codex Efficiency Office linux
194 Preserver Efficiency Office linux
195 SnipCommand Programming linux
196 Camunda Modeler Programming linux
197 Excel Parser Processor Efficiency Office linux
198 Zui Office Efficiency linux
199 Metronome Wallet Web Application linux
200 Programming linux
201 Xournal++ handwritten annotation book Education and Learning linux

Application Updates

No. APP Name App Category APP Type
1 Qawl Information Reading linux
2 Mr. D'clutterer System Tools linux
3 Avant Garde Web Apps linux
4 Firefox International Edition (Mozilla English Edition) Web Application linux
5 OpenJDK (Development Kit) Programming linux
6 Opera (International Edition) Web Applications linux
7 deepin-wine diagnostic tool Programming linux
8 OWallet Convenient Life linux
9 MyMonero Finance linux
10 Snomcontrol Programming linux
11 Open Markup Editor Efficiency Office linux
12 Strata Programming linux
13 Mie Simulator GUI Programming linux
14 Infinitex Programming linux
15 CasterSoundboard Video Editing linux
16 Circle-Z Education and Learning linux
17 PDFQuirk Efficiency Office linux
18 acreom Efficiency Office linux
19 Sticky Notes Efficiency Office linux
20 POT-Translation Tool Convenient Life linux
21 Joplin Efficiency Office linux
22 Opera One-developer Web Application linux
23 XnView Image Viewer Graphics linux
24 IAuto Drawing Graphic Images linux
25 photopea(web)-Image Editor Graphics linux
26 Configuration file translation tool Office Efficiency linux
27 openrefine data analysis tool Programming linux
28 Scrcpy Android cell phone screen casting Web Application linux
29 Cacher Programming linux
30 Podman System Tools linux
31 Game of Fifteen Game & Entertainment linux
32 Kdenlive - Video Editing Video Editing linux
33 Wine Runner Office Efficiency linux
34 Wine Runner System Tools linux
35 Siyuan Notes Efficiency Office linux
36 Aowei Interactive Map Network Application linux
37 LibreCAD-CAD Drawing Graphics linux
38 Chromium Browser Web Application linux
39 Electron Framework Programming linux
40 Terminal System Tools linux
41 WindTerm Multifunctional Terminal Web Applications linux
42 Cantor Mathematical Statistics Toolkit Office Efficiency linux
43 Mixly - Graphical Programming Programming linux
44 Pensela - Screen Annotation System Tools linux
45 IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition Programming linux
46 KmPlot Function Plotter Education and Learning linux
47 AutoKey Shortcut Manager (Qt) Programming linux
48 Microsoft Edge Stable Web Application linux
49 IntelliJ DataSpell Programming linux
50 IntelliJ DataSpell Web Application linux
51 Kwave Sound Editor Video Editing linux
52 krfb-Desktop Sharing Web Application linux
53 KMag Magnifier System Tools linux
54 KTimer Timer System Tools linux
55 Timer Games & Entertainment linux
56 Backgammon Game Entertainment linux
57 KMix Sound Adjustment Video Editing linux
58 KGeography Geography Teacher Education & Learning linux
59 Ark Compression Management Tool Decompression and Burning linux
60 KolourPaint Graphics linux
61 KCharSelect Character Selector System Tools linux
62 KTeaTime Tea Timer Convenient Life linux
63 KMouth Voice Wizard System Tools linux
64 KBruch Fraction Practice Education & Learning linux
65 Heimer Efficiency Office linux
66 interactive-data-editor Efficiency Office linux
67 Teams for Linux Efficiency Office linux
68 Tag Spaces System Tools linux
69 Dbeaver Community Edition Programming linux
70 OBS Studio - Live Video Recording Video Editing linux
71 OneNote-Cloud Notes Office Efficiency linux
72 Audacity-Audio Editor Video Editing linux
73 foliate-Ebook Reader Information Reading linux
74 IntelliJ PhpStorm Programming linux
75 Okular Document Viewer Efficiency Office linux
76 Inkscape-vector drawing Graphics linux
77 Thunderbird Mail Client Efficiency Office linux
78 Wireshark-Network Packet Analysis Web Application linux
79 IntelliJ PyCharm Professional Programming linux
80 Falkon Browser Web Application linux
81 Syncthing-File Synchronization System Tools linux
82 Obsidian-Obsidian Notes Office Efficiency linux
83 KSystemLog System Log System Tools linux
84 IntelliJ PyCharm Community Edition Programming linux
85 IntelliJ RubyMine Programming Development linux
86 AnyShare-Content Collaboration Platform Office Efficiency linux
87 Kcalc Calculator System Tools linux
88 KAlgebra Graphing Calculator System Tools linux
89 Downloader Web Application linux
90 IntelliJ DataGrip - Database Management Programming linux
91 Steam Game & Entertainment linux
92 IntelliJ GoLand Programming Development linux
93 VueScan-Scanner System Tools linux
94 QTScrcpy-Cast Screen System Tools linux
95 MarkText-Markdown editor Efficiency Office linux
96 KRuler System Tools linux
97 MicroPad Office Efficiency linux
98 Chrome-Google Chrome Web Application linux
99 Free Download Manager-Download tool Web Application linux
100 Firefox International Edition(Mozilla Chinese version) Web Application linux
101 RealVNC-Remote Control Web Application linux
102 KCachegrind Performance Analyzer Programming linux
103 KGet Download Manager Web Application linux
104 IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Programming linux
105 KImageMapEditor HTML Image Map Editor Programming linux
106 KAppTemplate Programming linux
107 Voice Notepad Office Efficiency linux
108 Package Installer System Tools linux
109 Archive Manager Decompression and Burning linux
110 Calculator System Tools linux
111 Boot Disk Maker System Tools linux
112 Document Viewer Efficiency Office linux
113 Theater Video Playback linux
114 Music Music Radio linux
115 IntelliJ WebStorm Programming linux
116 Teeworlds-2D Shooter Games & Entertainment linux
117 Converseen-Picture Converter Graphics linux
118 Okteta-Hexadecimal Editor Programming linux
119 Zotero-Documentation Information Reading linux
120 SwitchHosts-host editor Programming linux
121 OpenShot-Video editing Video Editing linux
122 Qt Creator Programming linux
123 BleachBit System Tools linux
124 Nextcloud-Cloud disk Web Application linux
125 KWrite-Text Editor Office Efficiency linux
126 IntelliJ Rider Programming linux
127 Freeplane-Thinking Maps Office Efficiency linux
128 Konsole-Terminal System Tools linux
129 GitKraken-Git client Programming linux
130 Kate-Advanced Text Editor Office Efficiency linux
131 AnyDesk-Remote Control Web Application linux
132 Krita-Painting Graphics linux
133 Brasero-CD burning Decompression and Burning linux
134 Kodi-Video Player Video Playback linux
135 Postman - Interface Testing Programming linux
136 Visual Studio Code Programming linux
137 Vivaldi - Browser Web Application linux
138 Foxmail Office Efficiency wine
139 Firefox(Chinese version) Web Application linux
140 PuTTY-Remote Login(Chinese Edition) Web Application linux
141 Opera(Chinese Edition) Web Application linux
142 WeChat Social Communication wine
143 Ulauncher-Application Launcher System Tools linux




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