New Applications

No. APP Name App Category APP Type
1 Battle Chess Games & Entertainment linux
2 FinalShell Programming linux
3 Flare Roleplaying Games & Entertainment linux
4 Otter Browser Web Application linux
5 Min Browser Web Application linux
6  [Wallpaper] Dream Bubble Personalization linux
7  [Wallpaper] Moon Dreamland Personalization linux
8  [Wallpaper] Astronaut Bear Movie Night Personalization linux
9  [Wallpaper] Guardians of the Night Personalization linux
10 Warped Multi-Win Stocks Finance wine
11 Source Change Baby System Tools linux
12 Deepin Wallpaper Packaging Tool System Tools linux
13 3D 2024 Graphics linux
14 OpenTrace Web Application linux

Application Updates

No. APP Name App Category APP Type
1 OpenShot-Video Clips Video Editing linux
2 Xournal++ handwritten annotations Education & Learning linux
3 Electron framework Programming linux
4 Blender - 3D drawing and rendering Graphics linux
5 Qt Creator Programming linux
6 Firefox-Mozilla official version Web Application linux
7 Chrome-Google Chrome Web Application linux
8 Inkblade Office Efficiency linux
9 Qucs-s Education and Learning linux
10 MEGAsync Web Application linux
11 Qt 5 Assistant Programming linux
12 Qt 5 Designer Programming Development linux
13 Qt 5 Linguist Programming Development linux
14 Qt 5 Pixel Magnifier Programming Development linux
15 Qt 5 Dbus Viewer Programming Development linux
16 Converseen - Image Conversion Graphics and Imaging linux
17 Kdenlive-Video Editor Video Editing linux
18 TTS-Vue Microsoft Speech Synthesis Tool Music Radio linux
19 deepin-wine diagnostic tool Programming linux
20 My Pen Office Efficiency linux
21 Microsoft Edge Web Application linux
22 Ovi Interactive Map Web Application linux
23 SiYuan Notes Office Efficiency linux
24 Geany - GTK+ IDE Programming linux
25 NutCloud Web Application linux
26 WeChat Social Communication wine
27 Gluttony Games & Entertainment linux
28 BleachBit System Tools linux
29 UClient Efficiency Office linux
30 VirtualBox System Tools linux
31 Microsoft Edge Stable Web Application linux
32 IntelliJ RubyMine Programming Development linux
33 IntelliJ Rider Programming Development linux
34 IntelliJ PhpStorm Programming linux
35 IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Programming linux
36 IntelliJ GoLand Programming linux
37 POT-Translation Tool Convenient Life linux
38 IntelliJ DataSpell Programming linux
39 IntelliJ DataGrip - Database Management Programming linux
40 IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition Programming linux
41 IntelliJ PyCharm Professional Edition Programming linux
42 IntelliJ WebStorm Programming linux
43 IntelliJ PyCharm Community Edition Programming linux
44 IntelliJ CLion Programming Development linux
45 Thunderbird Email Client Efficiency Office linux
46 mpv Media Player Video Playback linux
47 Apache NetBeans IDE 20 Programming linux
48 App Store System Tools linux
49 D-Feet-dbus Debugger Programming Development linux
50 TeXstudio Office Efficiency linux
51 Krusader-Document Management System Tools linux
52 PDFsam Efficiency Office linux
53 Music Music Radio linux
54 Theater Video Playback linux
55 Document Viewer Efficiency Office linux
56 Archive Manager Decompression and Burning linux
57 Sublime Text 4-Code Editor Programming linux
58 Office Efficiency linux
59 Linphone-IP phone Social Communication linux
60 foliate-ebook reader Information Reading linux
61 UOS AI System Tools linux
62 Sound Converter-Audio Converter Video Editing linux
63 Cantor-Mathematical Statistics Toolkit Efficiency Office linux
64 KTurtle-Educational Programming Education and Learning linux
65 Okular Document Viewer Efficiency Office linux
66 Pdfarranger-PDF Editor Efficiency Office linux
67 Lightning Vine File Transfer Network Application linux
68 IAuto Drawing Graphics linux
69 Wine Runner System Tools linux
70 FileZilla-FTP client Web Application linux
71 Android Studio Programming linux
72 Upscayl Graphics linux
73 PeaZip-Compression Decompression and Burning linux
74 PhotoSir graphic image linux

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