Deepin System Monitor V1.3.1 is a revision. It added some new functions, mainly optimized some details, and fixed bugs from users.

  • Newly supported to display system tray;
  • Newly supported to identify and display the used memory of VirtualBox;
  • Newly supported to identify the application window of FlatPak;
  • Newly added translations of many langauages;
  • Optimized XKillClient to replace the original algorithm of "Force to end application", so as to support FlatPak applications;
  • Fixed the incompatible issue with TeamViewer due to getting the process environment variable;
  • Fixed the issue that progress list stroke was not displayed occasionally;
  • Fixed the issue that progress list responded to extral right-click;
  • Fixed the warning issue of QDBusArgument;
  • Fixed the issue that progress list can not be rolled smoothly when double-finger swiped in touchpad;

Welcome to use Deepin System Monitor V1.3.1 by updating your system or download in Deepin Store.



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