Deepin File Manager was updated to version

  • New tab options turned into gray when no more tabs can be opened;
  • The space size of small capacity device was shown more accurately in Computer page;
  • Fixed the issue that the file type of office documents were “Unknown” when WPS was not installed;
  • Fixed the issue that the icon of connected phone was missing from the navigation bar under the dark theme;
  • Fixed the incorrect svg (a format) preview in search results;
  • Fixed the issue that Deepin File Manager or desktop environment crashes in some cases when dragging and dropping files;
  • Fixed the incorrect “Open with” list for files in the archive preview.
    dde was updated to version 15.7+deepin3:

  • Optimized the startup speed of the desktop;
  • Fixed the position offset of wallpaper delete button when setting desktop wallpaper;
  • Optimized the login process and background rendering;
  • Launcher: Optimized mode switching and background rendering;
  • Control Center: Optimized network modules and memory usage;
  • Dock: Fixed the abnormal tooltip color in 2D mode; fixed the icon searching error; fixed the incorrect window preview position under HiDPI screen; optimized the hiding logic of wired network icon; added the default plugin order.
    Deepin Terminal was updated to version 3.0.5-1:

  • Added support for renaming the window title by OSC escape sequence;
  • Fixed version number in About;
  • Improved the judgment of monospaced fonts, and more monospaced fonts can be selected in the font list of settings;
  • Fixed the issue that multiple menus appeared in some cases when right click continuously.
    Adobe Flash Player for FireFox was updated to version

  • Updated to the latest version.
    Adobe Flash Player for Chrome was updated to version

  • Updated to the latest version.
    hplip-plugin was updated to version 3.17.10+repack0-5.
    Added plugin for Chrome: chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra.


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