System Updates

    Control Center:
    * Improved power saving mode for laptop;
    * Supported display scaling to 3 times;
    * Fixed the issue that no updates detected after auto-download updates;
    * Optimized tips for transparency settings;
    * Power management was divided into two setting modes: when connecting to the power supply and when using the battery.
    * Changed the algorithm for sorting applications in mini mode;
    * Disabled the context menu of scroll bar in mini mode.
    * Added network icons and tooltips in different status;
    * Supported moving the tray icons in fashion mode;
    * Fixed the no-response issue when clicking wine applications;
    * Added the startup effect when opening applications by mouse middle button;
    * Fixed the no-response issue occasionally when clicking plugin icons in fashion mode.

Application Updates

    Deepin File Manager version:
    * Improved the processing way for AppImage files;
    * Fixed the issue that file extension was not shown when file name was too long;
    * Fixed the crash issue when deleting many files at one time;
    * Partitions that should be ignored (such as EFI partition) would not be unmounted when unmounting all partitions in the tray;
    * The partition list in the tray would not be refreshed when unmounting (not rejecting) the removable devices;
    * Fixed the issue that the mount plugin in the tray might crash when failed to create a device in the partition list;
    * Changed the speed algorithm when copying files;
    * Fixed the stuck issue when it showed 99% or 100% in the copying dialog box.
    Deepin Image Viewer Version: 1.3.3-1
    Deepin Image Viewer (Flatpak) Version: 1.3.3
    * Supported print preview;
    * Fixed the blur issue when zooming out and printing a big picture.

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