System Updates

    * Updated the video in dde introduction;
    * Replaced the default wallpaper;
    * Fixed the bugs related to automatically detecting grub resolution;
    * Fixed the issue that only four lines of options were shown when the grub resolution was 1280x1024;
    * Changed the default long-press duration value of touchscreen.
    Control Center:
    * Changed the security type of the access point;
    * Added “Smart Mirror Switch” in Update Settings;
    * Supported checking password strength;
    * Fixed the bug that the default applications list was not refreshed;
    * Fixed the bug that “Auto-download Updates” was still open when switching off “Updates Notification”;
    * Fixed the bug that the prompt text was not hidden automatically after switching off “Auto-download Updates”;
    * Fixed the incorrect time on Time Settings page;
    * Fixed the blank shortcut page;
    * Fixed the blank language list page;
    * Fixed the null pointer exception when update;
    * Fixed the bug that the current language was not identified when searching the language.
    * Rewrote touch screen operation;
    * Supported kwin window manager;
    * Fixed the bug that shortcuts cannot be used while searching.
    * Added onboard keyboard plugin;
    * Fixed the network issue with "Connected but no Internet access";
    * Fixed the sensitive trigger of moving tray icon when double clicking it;
    * Fixed the issue that context menu did not appear when right clicking on the tray icon of auto-startup application;
    * Fixed the issue that network info on dock was not updated in time;
    * Fixed the context menu issue when press and hold the tray icon under the touch screen;
    * Removed the invalid icon on the dock;
    * Fixed the issue that the SNI tray icon was not found;
    * Updated dde-network-util;
    * Fixed dock crashes.
    * Changed the default position of keyboard window to the lower part of the screen;
    * The keyboard was no longer displayed after default startup;
    * Used onboard settings desktop entry instead of its desktop entry.

Application Updates

    Deepin File Manager v4.7.1.10-1
    * Supported “Open with” for multiple files in same type;
    * Fixed the small icon in the prompt box;
    * Changed the "Properties" of system disk in the left navigation panel to "Disk Info";
    * Fixed the issue that extensions were always shown in lowercase in list view;
    * Fixed the issue that removing USB flash disk may unmount the mounting samba server in some cases;
    * Fixed the problem that the files in the recycle bin was in wrong order when clicking “Time deleted” in list view;
    * Fixed the problem that the icon of the disk mount plugin in dock tray was not updated in time when switching icon theme;
    * Adjusted the interval between icons in the Computer page;
    * “Open with” dialog box supported touch screen scrolling;
    * Changed the split line color between the columns in list view under dark theme;
    * Improved touch screen scrolling in list view.
    Deepin Editor v1.2.5-1
    * Added the notification when the open file was removed or changed;
    * Support touchscreen operations;
    * Support opening and editing m3u8 files;
    * Fixed the incorrect dedit language;
    * Support Nepali unicode.
    Deepin Movie v3.2.17-1
    Deepin Movie (Flatpak) v3.2.17
    * Fixed the window dragging and dropping problem on HiDPI touchscreen.
    Deepin Music v3.1.12-1
    Deepin Music (Flatpak) v3.1.12
    * Fixed the issue that duplicate songs were in playlist when opening a file while the playlist was empty.
    Deepin Screenshot v4.1.5-1
    Deepin Screenshot (Flatpak) v4.1.5
    * Improved the user experience for adjusting capture area on touch screen.
    Deepin Graphics Driver Manager v1.1.2-1
    * Fixed the bug that it was still switching driver when pressing space key after the switching was finished.
    Deepin Terminal v3.1
    * Improved selection on touchscreen: fixed the touches on selection causing deselection, so as to call out context menu;
    * Support adding custom theme to user directory (~/.config/deepin/deepin-terminal/themes).
    TeamViewer v14.1.3399
    * Updated to the latest official version.
    Please read the detailed changelog at
    deepin-wine-helper was updated to version 1.1deepin18.
    deepin-wine was updated to version 2.18-16~rc2.
    CMBChina Client v7.6.0deepin0
    * Fixed the issue that old version cannot open properly.
    Thunder Speed v7.10.35.366deepin18
    * Removed the black block on the left corner of screen.

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