The new release 11031.106 (build) introduces the new functions: Backup and Restore, Downloader, and Browser, optimizes more than 200 items for desktop environment, applications, etc., improves system performance and user experience.


Control Center
  • Added: Backup and Restore with system backup, full disk backup, manual restore, restore all settings, etc.
  • Fixed: only one resolution was displayed in the newly installed system sometimes.
  • Fixed: the display problem of the"transparency" setting.
  • Fixed: the three-level menu of the network settings were disappeared after connecting to a external wireless network card.
  • Fixed: the display problem of the scrollbar in the account list.
  • Fixed: the three-level menu splashed after clicking Shortcuts in Keyboard and Language.
  • Fixed: the shortcut key "Ctrl+Alt+A" cannot start the Screenshot Capture sometimes.
  • Fixed: it crashed after turning on Automatic Noise Suppression for Bluetooth headsets.
  • Fixed: the slider was not in the middle of Light/Right Balance in Sound > Output.
  • Fixed: wrong item was checked in the sound playing list on the dock when opening the Music app.
  • Fixed: the window effect did not take effect on the Deepin ID login window at the first time.


  • Added: Downloader, supporting creating tasks (download links, BT seeds), viewing download status, file recycle bin and other functions.
  • Added: Browser, opening web pages in seconds, with user-friendly features and super performance.
  • Optimized: Mail, Disk Manager, and Camera to improve user experience.
  • Fixed: 140%+ CPU usage after starting Firefox.
  • Fixed: Google Chrome still showed unlogged after logging into deepin community.

Note: Since Downloader and Browser have not been officially released, they will not be automatically installed with system updates, please install them as follows: sudo apt update && sudo apt install downloader org.deepin.browser

  • Optimized: the background display of launcher category mode in dark theme.
  • Optimized: the hints in multi-screen copy mode.
  • Removed: the extra ImageMagick option in the context menu of pictures.
  • Fixed: the wireless network connection happened repeatedlyISO Download sometimes.
  • Fixed: the background color was not shown in the three-level menu of the Power module after switching themes.
  • Fixed: the display issue when calling out the clipboard or workspaces if the dock was kept hidden.
  • Fixed: the prompt did not show the screen name when an external touch screen was connected.
  • Fixed: unable to access the lock screen after waking up from hibernation.
  • Fixed: many unresponsive sh bot processes.


Window Manager
  • Optimized: the + sign in the multitasking view interface.
  • Optimized: the user experience when pressing the "Alt+Tab" shortcut to switch windows.
  • Optimized: the window dragging effect.


App Store
  • Optimized the contents shown in several system languages.


Package Installer
  • Optimized its startup performance.


  • Fixed: unable to open Control Center sometimes.
  • Fixed: if the "window minimize effect" was set to "magic lamp", the window still popped up from the bottom when the dock was at the left.
  • Fixed: partial overlap between the dock and the clipboard or notification center.
  • Fixed: the touch area of plugins was larger than the mouse clickable area.
  • Fixed: the clickable area of icons was larger than the icon display area.
  • Fixed: the dock became opaque after switching to another system theme.


System Installer
  • Fixed: some draggable windows, such as the swap reminder and exit installation windows.
  • Fixed: if selected a timezone in the map, then switched to the list and then switched back to the map, the selection changed back.
  • Fixed: right click on the left title bar, the item was selected.
  • Fixed: borders in the window.
  • Fixed: the UI inconsistency.
  • Fixed: no scrollbar at the right side of the language list.
  • Fixed: the incomplete display on a 1080P notebook, so unable to install the system.
  • Fixed: if inputting a date that did not conform to the date rule, it was not restored to the previous value automatically.
  • Fixed: the keyboard layout was in English after installation, but Chinese was selected during system installation.
  • Fixed: the location in the timezone list was unchecked.
  • Fixed: the keyboard layout did not follow the selected language.
  • Fixed: words in the timezone page did follow language changes.
  • Fixed: unable to view all content by dragging the right scrollbar on the "Ready to Install" screen.
  • Fixed: a black screen appeared when clicking the "X" button in the upper right corner after exiting installation.
  • Fixed: the network card icon was missed in the network configuration page.
  • Fixed: abnormal display of the "Exit Installation" button.
  • Fixed: the slow disk loading issue when creating partitions manually.
  • Fixed: the pop-up message error when clicking the "X" button in the installation success page.
  • Fixed: wrong English text.
  • Fixed: unable to create a new partition if the location was start and the mount point was auto mount when creating partitions manually.
  • Fixed: buttons on the page were grayed out after popping up a reminder for unallocated swap partition.
  • Fixed: the UI flaws of Chinese and English buttons in language selection page.


  • Fixed: it could not immediately search for newly installed apps.
  • Fixed: UI issues.
  • Fixed: the scrollbar trigger issue.
  • Fixed: Unable to open Mail sometimes.


Font Manager
  • Fixed: it still showed monospaced fonts after switching to Chinese font page.


System Upgrade
  • Fixed: it prompted Google source error sometimes during system upgrade.


Disk Manager
  • Fixed: the abnormal display in the health checking interface.
  • Fixed: incomplete display of partition names without length limit.
  • Fixed: failed to unmount partitions.


Known Issues
  • In the multi-tasking preview, the window thumbnails are in black.
  • In Control Center -> Personalization -> General, the "small, medium, large" at the bottom are invisible and cannot be scrolled.
  • When logout/restart, the corners of the dock and windows change from right angles to rounded corners.
  • The wireless network on the dock is grayed out and it does not show the signal strength.
  • After sending wine apps to dock, their icons are not right.
  • When the password box for Wi-Fi connection pops up, the icon is not right.

Note: Some issues have been fixed but not integrated, which are planned to go with deepin 20 1004 release.


ISO Download




We solemnly thank the community teams and companies who have provided testing, documentation, translation, and mirroring support. If you have any questions or suggestions about the system, please submit your feedback to deepin community: Thanks for your contribution.

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