We hoped that users can find elegant and easy to use applications in Deepin Store, so the application developers and recommenders should know the application collection rule of Deepin Store.

Deliver Entry

Deliver Requirements

The refined application of Deepin Store needs to satisfy all the following requirements:

  • The application can normally run under deepin
  • The application has high quality, elegant interface and excellent UI(except clone app)
  • The application allows download and distribute freely, if it needs commercial license, please provide it
  • The application will not cause security problems for deepin
  • The application has no copyright, commercial affairs on application name, icon and contents
  • The application contains no virus, no privacy data collecting, no auto install and unable to uninstall problems
  • The application is healthy, positive, no violence, no sex, no discrimination, no politics, no reactionary, no personal attacks and no ads, no illegal contents, etc.
  • We would not collect demo or trial version


  • Deepin Store will obey the state law and rules and to respect and protect the efforts of developers.
  • These rules will help your recommend applications pass the examination of Deepin Store and show on shelf.
  • Deepin Store will use the latest deepin stable release to examine.

Deliver Type

The refined applications of Deepin Store are classified by these categories:

  • Linux App
  • Windows App
  • WebApp
  • Android App

Deliver Example

  • App Name:(The official name of the appliation here)
  • App Type:(Linux App, Windows App, WebApp or Android App here, default to Linux App)
  • Authorization:(not need here, or provide related information here for commercial license)
  • App Homepage:(The official homepage of the application here)
  • Download URL:(The official download URL of the application here)
  • Other Information:(Screenshot, introduction or other information here, optional)