With the hope that users can find elegant and easy to use applications in Deepin Store, the application collection rules of Deepin Store should be known by the application developers and recommenders.

Now we have two ways to collect applications:
1. Deliver applications
2. Recommend applications

Collection Rules

The application in Deepin Store should satisfy all the following requirements:

  • The application can run in deepin normally
  • The application has high quality, elegant interface and excellent UI (except clone app)
  • The application allows download and distribute freely, if it needs commercial license, please provide it
  • The application will not cause security problems in deepin
  • The application has no copyright, commercial affairs on application name, icon and contents
  • The application has no virus, no privacy data collecting, no auto install and unable to uninstall problems
  • The application is healthy, positive, no violence, no sex, no discrimination, no politics, no reactionary, no personal attacks, no ads, no illegal contents, etc.
  • The application is not a demo or trial version


  • Deepin Store obeys the laws and rules, respects and protects the efforts of developers.
  • The applications in Deepin Store comply with the above requirements strictly.
  • The latest deepin stable release is used to review applications.

App Types

  • Linux App
  • Windows App
  • WebApp
  • Android App

Deliver Apps

If you want to deliver applications as the Author or Packager, please read below guides.

Currently there is not an open self-service claiming channel, if there is, we will announce it in our community news.

How to be an author

  • Deliver your own app as an author, or claim to be the author if your app has already been in Deepin Store. Please contact
  • Requirements: The author should be the original personal developer or developer team, and the application should meet the collection rules or has been put in Deepin Store.

How to be a packager
At present, the automatic packaging channel is not open. To be a packager, please provide the package and the metadata according to the requirements of Deepin Store. Here is the process:

1. Provide the package info and the metadata in personal platform of Deepin Store.
2. Contact with deepin ID, Github ID, project address, introduction, name,email and author info.
3.The package name should be unique. (For example, dde plugin: dde-***-plugin; the application: ***-music, ***-movie; icon theme: ***-icon-theme; gtk theme: gtk-theme-***.)

Personal Platform


  • After becoming a packager of a certain app, when the source app is updated, the packager must package and update the app in Deepin Store within one week. If there are three times of delays, or an update is delayed for more than two weeks, the packager will have no permission on the app any longer, and the subsequent donation will no longer belong to the packager.
  • If the original author provides a qualified package, or there is already a qualified packager, we will not accept a new packager for that app.
  • Application in flatpak format is in priority, so if the app does not have a flatpak package, the packager that delivers it in flatpak format will be accepted.

Recommend Apps

To recommend an app, please recommend it in main menu of Deepin Store, or write it down in the post, your recommendations will be collected regularly.

Recommendation Post