Project Introduction

As a young and energetic Linux distribution, deepin has been loved by people and developers in China and all over the world. We have been adhering to the "out of the box" principle to develop the lightweight and beautiful Deepin Desktop Environment and the beloved Deepin Original Applications.

On this basis, we have improve the developer platform and hoping that more and more developers can participate the development process and provide good product for all users.


Ways of Participation

Now developers can participate deepin project by the following ways:

Gerrit & GitHub We accept foreign developers' PR from Gerrit&GitHub, once the code has been reviewed and merged, the contributors will be listed in the acknowledgement page.
DDE Plugin DDE has provided rich API for developers, e.g. dock, control center and file manager, developers can make plugins for them.
DDE-file-manager-plugins DDE-file-manager-plugins could increase the function of file manager and help us in daily use,Details can be seen at Github
Create your own app If you are interested in making Deepin Original Applications, you can use DTK(Deepin Tool Kit) which can be used seamlessly along with Qt library to help your rapid program development.

Developer Center

We hope that developers can gain experience during the use&development process, we will share more and more API and documentation to let developers that can participate in the development process, Happy hacking deepin!