Wuhan Deepin Technology Co. Ltd. (Deepin Technology) released the first edition of End User License Agreement (EULA) in November 2018, where some literal expressions that were lack of compliance with the requirements of related free software and open source licenses resulted in some misunderstandings and comments from users and Linux Community. Based on the comments and feedbacks, Deepin Technology updates the EULA and describes the updates as following:


1) The first edition of EULA has been changed into tow editions: the Community Edition and the Commercial Edition. The Community Edition of EULA applies to all versions of Deepin OS for community users, while the Commercial Edition of EULA applies to all versions of Deepin OS for commercial users.


2) The Deepin OS is an open source software that is developed based on GNU General Public License (Version 3). Subject to and conditioned on the continuous compliance with GNU General Public License (Version 3), Deepin Technology updates this EULA to clarify the terms that are not involved in the GNU General Public License (Version 3), especially the rights and obligations that are related with the commercial services offered by Deepin OS.


3) Since the terms about the software ownership were not stated correctly in the previous EULA, this update clarifies that Deepin Technology retains copyrights ONLY for the contents in Deepin OS that are created and modified by Deepin Technology. All other parts are property of their respective owners based on the open source licenses that they respectively conform.


4) For the debatable term about jurisdiction caused by the statement mentioned “governed by the laws of P.R.C.” in the first edition of EULA, the term has been changed to "governed by the laws and regulations of the country with which the development and licensing of the software are most closely related" in the Community edition of EULA. However, the Commercial edition of EULA retains the original term. Since Deepin Technology is a legal entity registered in China mainland, the technical support and services for Deepin OS commercial users provided by Deepin Technology should be governed by the laws of P.R.C.


5) Any other language version of this EULA is translated from the Simplified Chinese version. Due to the different expression habits and the limitations of translation capabilities, Deepin Technology cannot ensure that all the terms in other language versions express exactly the same meaning as the Simplified Chinese version of End User License Agreement (EULA). A term is added to clarify that the Simplified Chinese version of this EULA is legally binding in case of any inconsistencies between the Simplified Chinese version and any translations. Deepin Technology also provides multiple languages versions of this EULA for users' reference.


Deepin Technology would like to make an apology to all users, including community users and commercial users, for the misunderstandings caused by the contents that were not clearly stated in previous edition of EULA. As an open source software company, one of our team's core mission is to adhere to the open source spirit and promote the open source software worldwide. We will always strictly abide by all the requirements of GNU General Public License (Version 3), and we welcome all users' feedback to help us improve our user experiences constantly.



Deepin Technology team

Dec 29 2018


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