Yes, we call it Linux Deepin 2013 this time!

Focusing on improving user experience, Linux Deepin has made several attempts and various innovations on the Linux desktop in the last two years. During the period, Linux Deepin has become more mature and stable.

The new 2013 release has retained the highlights of its predecessors. It has also made many improvements based on our user's feedback and suggestions. Users of Linux Deepin are all recommended to upgrade to the 2013 version.


Deepin Terminal

Deepin Terminal is shipped as the default terminal emulator for Linux Deepin 2013. It aims to improve our user's command line experience. Programmers and sysadmins will find it more comfortable with Deepin Terminal. New comers will also find it more pleasant to play with.

The features of Deepin Terminal include vertical and horizontal split, workspace switching, SSH connection tool, font resizing and background transparency adjustment, etc.

See the Birth of Deepin Terminal (in Chinese) for details.


Deepin Game Center

Deepin Game Center is a platform for online flash games. It aspires to give flash game lovers a one-stop experience. Being convenient, good-looking and easy to use, Deepin Game Center immediately became popular among Linux Deepin users when it was available.

See Deepin Game Center: the world's best flash game platform for more details.


Face Recognition

In Linux Deepin 2013, you can choose to log in using face recognition. Though it is a small feature added, face recognition ushers in a step of Linux Deepin towards a more intelligent and user-oriented operating system.

New features and major improvements

An improved Deepin Software Center


The crucial components of your operating system are protected, which means the software center will prevent suspicious uninstallation of important packages while upgrading. Therefore, the safety of your system is guaranteed. Users no longer need to worry about system crash caused by missing packages.


DSnapshot: Let's get it moved!


If you're not satisfied with your selected area to take a screenshot, you can simply use arrow keys and your mouse to move or resize it.


The notification center: no bubble, no trouble

The improved notification center no longer prompt for blacklisted applications. Notifications from blacklisted applications won't be logged by the notification center.


1. The window manager comes with a new appearance. We changed the default color from blue to black. So you can see Linux Deepin did/does not look like or mimic Windows 7 except its color was the "sad" blue. 😉

2. Files dragged from removable devices to hard disk will be copied rather than moved.

3. Improved power management. When you are watching videos fullscreen in your web browser, your system won't be detected as idle, The display won't be turned off and the system won't sleep automatically, which lets you focus on your video.

4. Docked applications will enable access to more operations. For example, You can either select to either open a new window for Firefox, or a new private window when you right click on your docked icon for Firefox.

5. The default key to bring up the launcher (application menu) is set to the "Windows" key.

6. Improved automount of removable devices. Users can choose whether removable devices should be mounted when plugged in.

Bug fixes


#2409:DMusic sometimes failed to save its playlists when the system was rebooted.

#2030:No sound when DMusic's progress bar was dragged.

#2005:Comment submission failed in the Deepin Software Center.

#2453:Bluetooth could not be disabled.

#2475: Weird window behavior when iptux was resized.

#2237 The battery icon notification always displayed "charging" status when it was not always true.

Since Linux Deepin 12.12.1 was released, we've fixed and handled 336 issues reported by our users. For more details, please check our Bug Tracker. You are welcome to report any issues or give us feedback on the bug tracker.


Users of Linux Deepin 12.12(.1) can upgrade to Linux Deepin 2013 safely from the Deepin Software Center.

Linux Deepin 2013 provides different ISO images for different languages. Currently we have official support for English and Chinese (both simplified and traditional).

English 32 bit: Download (md5 checksum: 91d973b98c9d77a004c63d3f17fe3a6d)

English 64 bit: Download (md5 checksum: cf52d9f2ef6ef8c3415e06ed4e9ecc51)

For Chinese ISO images, you can go to our download page. You can also try other mirrors to get the best speed possible. The sync status of different mirrors may vary.


We hope you enjoy this new release, and thanks very much for your support. Have fun!


Linux Deepin Team


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