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Deepin V23 Preview is a staged version of deepin V23, which includes three main features: brand-new repositories, atomic updates, and a self-developed package format. Please note that it cannot be upgraded from deepin 20 directly at present.


Linglong is a new package format developed by deepin, aiming at solving various compatibility problems caused by complex dependencies of traditional package formats under Linux, and reducing the security risks caused by decentralized control of permissions. It is available to any Linux distribution, supports incremental updates of applications, managing, distributing, and sandboxing apps, which not only improves ease of use, but also greatly protects user privacy.

Linglong official website:

Linglong Store:

Linglong solution creation, Linglong components, authority management mechanism and other related content will be gradually revealed!

Atomic updates

The atomic update is a new idea for system updates, which regards system updates as atomic operations - if packages are installed successfully, system updates are finished; if system updates fail, the system can be reverted to the previous version with no changes, which effectively avoid the trouble that some dependencies are installed but the system is not fully upgraded. Atomic updates do not rely on system installation methods and specific partitions and support system rollback after an upgrade.

Independent upstream

Relying on the core packages and some optional components, a brand-new v23 repository is built in the Preview stage. deepin will continue learning from upstream distributions such as Debian and Arch Linux.

The development of independent upstream is inseparable from the collaboration of community members. If you are interested in package maintenance, you are welcome to create a SIG group and join us: README


  • Added new wallpapers

  • Built brand-new repositories

  • Added HWE 5.18 kernel

  • Added support for atomic updates and system rollback

  • Added support for the new Linglong package format

  • Offered some Linglong applications (Download address:

Since it is a preview version, please do not install and try it on your daily-used computers!

Welcome to Download:





We solemnly thank those community teams and companies who have provided testing, documentation, translation, and mirroring support. Welcome to use deepin and join our forum to submit feedback and share your suggestions.

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