Official ISO Repository

Community ISO Repository

Sincerely thank the following universities, open-source communities and companies for their providing deepin with mirror services!!

logo China
Ubuntu Taiwan (Taiwan) http ftp rsync
Tamkang University (Taiwan) http ftp
Yuan Ze University (Taiwan) http ftp rsync
National Chi Nan University (Taiwan) http ftp
Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan) http ftp
Tsinghua University http
Zhejiang University http
Tianjin University http
Sun Yat-sen University http
Chongqing University http
Lanzhou University http
Xiamen University http ftp
Southwest University http
Nankai University http
Jilin University http
Beijing Jiaotong University http
Beijing Institute of Technology http
China University of Geosciences http
Shanghai JiaoTong University http ftp
University of Science and Technology http
Jiangsu Open University http
Huazhong University of Science and Technology http
Harbin Institute of Technology http
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China http
Unique Studio of Huazhong University of Science and Technology http https
Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications http https
Aliyun http
Netease http http http
OpenCAS http
Cohesion Network Security Studio http
SHU Open Source Community. http https ftp rsync
ShanghaiTech University https
Nanjing University http https
Australian Australia
AARNet http
Ukraine Ukraine
Ip-connect http https ftp rsync
logo Austria
UPC Austria http ftp rsync
logo Belgium
Belnet http ftp rsync
logo Brazil
University of Sao Paulo http ftp
Federal University of Parana http ftp rsync
logo Bulgaria
IPACCT http ftp rsync
logo Canada
GloboTech Communications http https ftp rsync
logo Colombia
logo Denmark http ftp
Skarta http
IODC http
logo Ecuador
CEDIA http ftp rsync
france France
Deepin French Community. Paris https
logo Germany
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg http https ftp rsync
GWDG http ftp rsync
Tuxinator http ftp
Alpix http https
logo Greece
University of Crete http
logo Ireland
HEAnet http
logo Holland
NLUUG http ftp rsync
Studenten Net Twente http ftp rsync
logo Indonesia
Datautama Net Id Company http
logo Italy
logo Japan
KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc http ftp
Tsukuba WIDE Public Mirror service http rsync
JAIST http rsync
logo Latvia http
logo Philippines
logo Poland
Onet http ftp rsync http ftp rsync
vectranet http ftp rsync
Portugal Portugal
University of Porto http https ftp rsync
logo Russian
Yandex Linux mirror http ftp
Truenetwork http ftp rsync
logo Slovakia
Rainside http ftp
logo Singapore http
logo South Africa
Telkom SAIX http ftp
Web Africa http
logo Sweden
Academic Computer Club, Umeå University http rsync
Portlane http ftp http https
Zetup AB http
logo The United States
Linux Kernel Archives http ftp rsync
Silicon Valley Web Hosting LLC http
CICKU http https
James Madison University http ftp
MetroCast Cablevision http
Linux Users Group at Michigan Tech http ftp
Delimiter http
Princeton University http
Genesis Adaptive http
Linux Freedom http
Portland State University http https rsync
logo Turkey
VeriTeknik http
logo United Kingdom
The UK Mirror Service http ftp rsync
Bytemark Hosting http ftp
Exascale http
Spain 西班牙
Zaragoza University http
Thailand Thailand
Thai Digital Network Story(Bangkok) http https
Thai Digital Network Story(Phuket) http https rsync
logo Vietnam
freedif http

How to provide a mirror:

Synchronization command Space needed
rsync -av --delete-after /var/www/deepin/ 275GB
rsync -av --delete-after /var/www/deepin-cd/ 50GB

  • You can move the /var/www/ path in the above addresses to the server root directory;
  • Please add a cron job running every day, so as to keep deepin mirror you provided in the newest available state over a long period of time ;
  • We suggest you synchronize deepin package repository first, and then synchronize deepin ISO repository;
  • Please do not save other files in the directories related to deepin mirrors (such as unofficial packages) to avoid misunderstanding;
  • If you have any suggestions and comments, please give us feedback to