We are in pursue of ultimate user experience and timely response to user’s help seeking. Thus the remote assistance service is born.

However, remote assistance service applications are very common, so what are the outstanding features of our service compared with others? Let’s find it out!


Connection at Anytime and Anywhere


Remote assistance service is deeply integrated in deepin. From now on, wherever you are, your friends or engineers can connect to your computer by remote assistance service to help you with the problems you met in using.


Simpleness, Simplify the Unnecessary


All you need is to call a desktop sharing or accept the other user’s “verification code”, then the remote assistance will start in a simple operation interface without any configurations.

Meanwhile, the verification code is a randomly-generated 6 digit combination of numbers and letters with unquestionable safety!


Adaption, Just Perfect.


While using remote assistance, you can select the graphic quality according to the network environment, thus it has good performance in most network environments.

PS: The default setting is “Balance” which is the optimum balance of graphic quality and smoothness.



1.Remote control technology is developed based on the open-source Chrome Remote Desktop project.

2.You can experience “Remote Assistance” service in “Control Center”after upgraded your system to the latest edition by Deepin Store.



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