A month ago, deepin 15.6, a new version, was released to the community. Deepin Store, a very important application in it, is developed for users to get high quality applications conveniently. However, some users think that the CNZZ statistics code used in Deepin Store is collecting user privacy, especially for some biased users outside China, the operating system from China is considered untrustworthy.

    Therefore, it is necessary to tell the community users again that, the back end of Deepin Store is a web page, and CNZZ is a well-known Internet statistical analysis service provider in China. Same as Google Analytics, it anonymously collects information such as the web browser version, screen resolution, and so on. We use CNZZ to detect webpage issues, get the related info to help making the policy for providing users with an optimized and satisfied user experience.

    Although we would like you to know why we collect information and help us improve the products together, we still decide to respect the opinions and advices from community users. In the new version, we removed CNZZ statistics from Deepin Store, avoid being misunderstood by misdirected users.

    Those who are biased against deepin, please have a think objectively. Compared with the closed source Microsoft and Mac OS, the Linux-based deepin, is more transparent and trustworthy, which follows the principles of the open source community, opens the soure code of all kernels and its own applications. Anyone is welcome to analyze and review it. If there are any security issues, please notify us to fix it at any time, or re-fork a new version.

    A few months ago, we posted a similar statement https://bbs.deepin.org/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=155331&highlight=spy, now we claim again that, deepin is not willing to collect personal information from users, not only at present, but also in the future.


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