Update Details of May 26

Application Added:

Haguichi, Xnp2, Mendeley, Indivisible, Soundnode App, Flail Rider, XnConvert, SmartSynchronize, SmartCVS


Scrolling Pictures Updated::

Transmission, DraftSight, Flail Rider, Stunt Rally, Beyond Compare


Popular Recommendation Updated:

Shutter, Bitfighter, Vivaldi, Nexuiz, Gaupol, Soundnode App


Update Details of May 17

Application Added:

Bitfighter, Stunt Rally, Snes9x, RetroArch, LightZone, Midori, PdfMod, RedNotebook, Scilab


Cover Updated:

AisleRiot, Code::Blocks, gedit, Gnote, GParted, Hedgewars, LyX, Terminator, GNU TeXmacs, Texmaker, Xchat, Font Viewer


Hot Topic Updated:

Let us brainstorm: Web MindMup, Web mindmaps, XMind, Android Easy Mind Map, VYM, Web Gliffy Diagrams


Update Details of May 9

Application Updated:

XnView MP


Application Added:

GNOME Twitch, GeoGebra, ExtremeTuxRacer, NitroShare, KeePass2, Endless Sky, Rhythmbox, FreeCol, Nestopia, Gaupol, Cadencii



Update Details of May 3

Application Added:

Nexuiz, Widelands, Xpad, TuxGuitar, VMPK, Boxes, HDFView, Cutegram


Cover Updated:

Brasero, Comix, Deepin Game, Deepin Music, Genymotion, Gufw, HexChat, 0 A.D., Skype, Tomboy, WPS Office, Xdemineur


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