Today we have pushed out our routine system updates. The following are a summary of system bugs that have been fixed for your reference.

Desktop Environment

  • The stability of Dock has been enhanced and the occasional feign death and crash problems have been fixed.
  • The occasional problem that a dialog box appears in the upper left when you close the switch of "Notification area settings" > "Voice" has been fixed.
  • The plugins of Dock have been enhanced.

Deepin Store

  • The stability of Deepin Store has been improved.


Application Fixed

  • Tencent QQ has been upgraded to 7.1 version, and the problem of QQ crash has been solved.



  • After finishing upgrading system, please do delete the CrossOver configuration file under the directory of "home". The method is to use the terminal and execute the command: rm -rf ~/.cxoffice/Deepin-QQ/
  • This is the last system update of deepin 2014.3. Before the release of the version deepin 2015, there will be only regular application source update of deepin 2014.3 and there will be no system source update, unless there are significant system problems.


Internal Testing Group is a branch of Deepin Community Team and its main work is to participate in testing deepin system or software inside, so as to promote the improvement of deepin system and software.

deepin Internal Testing Group is expecting you to join in.

If you find some problems in using deepin or have any suggestions on its improvement, you can report them onto Bugs Tracking System.


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