Today, Wuhan Deepin Technology Co., Ltd. became the silver member of the Linux Foundation, and is the only Chinese enterprise that dedicated to the research and development of operating system in the Linux Foundation.


The Linux Foundation is the world's largest non-profit open source consortium. Its members include more than 180 famous international enterprises, such as IBM, Intel, HP, Samsung as well as CMCC, Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese enterprises. For the joining of more and more Chinese enterprises, the Operations Director in China of the Linux Foundation Cliff said: "China is a powerful country and it needs to create new products by software in future. TheLinux Foundation hopes more Chinese enterprises to join in the Linux camp to develop more outstanding products."


When talking about the reasons to join the Linux Foundation, the General Manager of Wuhan Deepin Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Wenhuan said: “The Linux Foundation is the world's largest and most influential non-profit open source consortium. It holds a number of important projects and resources, leading the technical innovation and development direction of Linux. As the R&D enterprise of Linux Operating System, we hope to join to create greater value in a cooperative manner and further promote the ecological construction of Chinese operating system, but also hope more young people to know Linux and open source community by deepin, thus promoting the development of Linux in China.”


In addition, Alibaba (Aliyun), MediaTek.Inc, PayPal and other famous enterprises also become members of the Linux Foundation in the same period.



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