deepin is an open source GNU/Linux operating system, based on Linux kernel and mainly on desktop applications, supporting laptops, desktops and all-in-ones. It preinstalls Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) and nearly 30 deepin native applications, as well as several applications from the open source community to meet users' daily learning and work needs. In addition, about a thousand of applications are offered in Deepin Store to meet users’ various needs.

deepin 15.9.2 Beta is rebuilt and released based on the stable repository instead of previous Debian unstable. Several deepin applications have been migrated there too. By migration, deepin software repository will be more stable and reliability.

What is the difference between deepin 15.9.2 Beta ISO and deepin 15.9 ISO?

The main difference is that deepin software repository migrates from Debian unstable to Debian stable. Compared with 15.9 ISO, deepin 15.9.2 Beta ISO integrates the latest deepin 15.9.2 and has been adjusted and optimized accordingly.

Why migrate to Debian stable from unstable?

Migration to Debian stable repository is to improve deepin underlying stability and security. The software in Debian stable repository has been strictly tested and are relatively stable, with the support from Debian security team to maintain the security updates timely. What’s more, the strict upgrade of the software packages in Debian stable repository ensures a safe and stable environment. For the commonly used applications, they will be upgraded and maintained by deepin development team with the goal to follow upstream updates within one week.

What will happen to deepin after the migration?

After migrating to Debian stable repository, there will be these changes:

  • More timely responses to software security vulnerabilities
  • Improved stability on system upgrade
  • Better support (compatibility) for third-party applications
  • Better business support
  • The older software in Debian stable repository will be upgraded separately, such as Chrome, Firefox, Libreoffice and other common applications, to ensure better usability.
  • User feedback
  • Since deepin 15.9.2 Beta is the first edition after migrating to Debian stable repository, your feedback and suggestions are much required to help us improve deepin. Welcome to Feedback Post in deepin forum to submit your suggestions and questions during the test. We will deal with user feedback and reasonable suggestions quickly.
  • ISO download method

64 bit: Click Here to Download (MD5 checksum) (SHA256SUMS)

Other Downloads:

Baidu Yun(code:947q), Sourceforge, MEGA, OSDN, ISO Repository

About us

deepin is an open source Linux system developed for common users. You are free to download, distribute, modify and use it.

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We are grateful to the community teams and companies that have provided support on deepin testing, documentation, translation and mirror. With your selfless contribution, open source world is getting better and better! Thanks also to the users who have been supporting, understanding and waiting for us, you give us the motivation to keep moving forward, and the courage to improve deepin constantly.


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