New applications

Number Application Name Application Classification Application Type
1 uNav Convenient Life linux
2 Stele System Tools linux
3 Session Desktop Social Communication linux
4 SAFE Browser Convenient Life linux
5 Lescovex Programming linux
6 Leonflix Convenient Life linux
7 AusweisApp2 Web Application linux
8 VCV Rack Video Editing linux
9 PhotoTeleport Graphics linux
10 Ascii Patrol Games & Entertainment linux
11 BrightScript 2D API Emulator Programming linux
12 Xreader Efficiency Office linux
13 Tesseract Programming linux
14 Scintillator Video Editing linux
15 Puppetry - Test Tools Programming linux
16 ElectroCRUD Programming linux
17 Heat Festival Wallpaper Personalization linux
18 Tanabata Festival Wallpaper (deepin version) Personalization linux
19 Tanabata wallpaper (deepin version) Personalization linux
20 crxMouse Gestures Efficiency Office 浏览器扩展程序
21 CodenameLT Game Entertainment linux
22 CHIP-8 Emulator Programming linux
23 JAG - Just a grapher Graphics linux
24 BFG Repo-Cleaner (UNOFFICIAL) Programming linux
25 Rabix Composer Programming linux
26 Ossia score Music Radio linux
27 nRF Connect - Cross Platform Tool Programming linux
28 Bitwise Bitwise Calculator Programming linux
29 Astronum divination program Convenient Life linux
30 BlenSor Web Application linux
31 ngrev Programming linux
32 MQTTCute Programming linux
33 LMMS Music Radio linux
34 ascii-clock System Tools linux
35 BackupZ2 Efficiency Office linux
36 Color Picker Graphics linux
37 swradio-8 Music Radio linux
38 CCLite Efficiency Office linux
39 bpftrace Programming linux
40 Glyphr Studio Graphics linux
41 Glyphr Studio Efficiency Office linux
42 bittorrent-tracker-editor Office Efficiency linux
43 Aamath Web Application linux
44 Ipe extensible drawing editor Graphics linux
45 Glyphr Studio Bluedis bittorrent-tracker-editor Programming linux
46 City Wallpapers - Taiyuan Personalization linux
47 Firefox International Edition (Mozilla English Edition) Web Application linux
48 ClassIn Online Classroom Education & Learning wine
49 Ipe extensible drawing editor Crystal Personalization linux
50 Non-linear Keyboard Trainer Education & Learning linux
51 Rescue Heroes Games & Entertainment linux
52 MP3 Analyzer Video Editing linux
53 Fasttracker II Video Editing linux
54 Autumn Festival Wallpaper Personalization linux
55 GTK-Gnutella Web Application linux
56 Ballerburg Castle Defense Games & Entertainment linux
57 Mlterm Terminal System Tools linux
58 Am I Connected Web Application linux
59 Newlogic Graphics linux
60 Waydroid Runner System Tools linux
61 SwiftnessX Programming linux
62 batchfilerename Office Efficiency linux
63 ImagePlay Graphics linux
64 bcrypt-tool Web Application linux
65 Asbru System Tools linux
66 OpenJDK (Development Kit) Programming linux
67 The COVID-19 Game Games & Entertainment linux
68 Btop-Desktop System Tools linux
69 bpytop System Tools linux
70 Bashtop System Tools linux
71 Aurora Editor Efficiency Office linux
72 Additional Basic Libraries Ablrun Network Application linux
73 Table Viewer Efficiency Office linux
74 File Fragmentation Checker System Tools linux
75 BlueMail - Email and Calendar Efficiency Office linux
76 Artifact Games & Entertainment linux
77 Asciicker Game Entertainment linux

Update Apps

Number Application Name Application Classification Application Type
1 Office Efficiency linux
2 SoapUI-API testing tool Programming linux
3 Tencent Conference Social Communication linux
4 Tencent Documentation Efficiency Office linux
5 Spark Store Spark Store System Tools linux
6 HP hp-uld print driver Driver Tools linux
7 Shotcut-Video Clips Audio/Video Editing linux
8 Tick List Efficiency Office linux
9 J2L3x Digital Workspace System Efficiency Office linux
10 holder Efficiency Office linux
11 Wind Financial Terminal(For Institutions) Finance linux
12 Youdao Cloud Notes Efficiency Office linux
13 mailbox Social Communication linux
14 Firefox(Chinese version) Web Application linux
15 Wavebox Browser Web Application linux
16 RubyMine Programming linux
17 Retro Virtual Machine Games & Entertainment linux
18 Tutanota Email Web Application linux
19 uTools-Plugin Applications System Tools linux
20 Secure Diary Efficiency linux
21 Krita Painting Graphics linux
22 fantacy Personalization linux
23 Wizards Cloud FireEye Artificial Intelligence Edition Efficiency Office linux
24 Ventoy-bootdisk maker Driver Tools linux
25 Spectacle-Screenshot System Tools linux
26 LibreOffice-Office Suite Efficiency Office linux
27 Light and Shadow Magic Graphics wine
28 Github Desktop Programming linux
29 Sublime Merge-Git client Programming Development linux
30 Mobitai Smart ID Social Security Card Reader Driver Driver Tools linux
31 Today's Headlines Extreme Edition Information Reading android
32 Wine Runner System Tools linux
33 WPS Office 2019 For Linux Efficiency Office linux
34 YankNote-Markdown Editor Efficiency Office linux
35 Terminal System Tools linux
36 Archive Manager Decompression and Burning linux
37 GoLand Programming linux
38 PuTTY-Remote Login(Chinese Version) Network Application linux
39 Backgammon Games & Entertainment linux
40 Tic-Tac-Logic Games & Entertainment linux
41 Document Viewer Efficiency Office linux
42 Calculator System Tools linux
43 Cinema Video Playback linux
44 Music Music Radio linux
45 Text Editor Efficiency Office linux
46 Package Installer System Tools linux
47 Log Collection Tools System Tools linux
48 SmartGit-Git Client Programming linux
49 SmartSynchronize File Comparison System Tools linux
50 IPTVnator-Player Video Playback linux
51 Heroic Games Launcher Game Entertainment linux
52 Tiled Map Editor Programming Development linux
53 QGIS Education & Learning linux
54 Unity Hub Programming Development linux
55 Photo Albums Graphics linux
56 VLC Media Player (Enhanced) Video Playback linux
57 App Store System Tools linux
58 GIMP-Image Processing Graphics linux
59 RDP Remote Desktop Connection Tool Web Applications linux
60 UEngine Runner System Tools linux
61 Browser Web Applications linux
62 Spyder Programming linux
63 qBittorrent-Downloader Web Applications linux
64 MAME-Arcade Emulator (light version) Games & Entertainment linux
65 QuiteRSS-RSS News Reader Information Reading linux
66 Freeplane-Mind map Efficiency linux
67 Ulauncher-Application launcher System Tools linux
68 Learning Power (web version) Education & Learning linux
69 MAME-Arcade Emulator Games & Entertainment linux
70 FSearch File Search System Tools linux
71 Firefox International(Mozilla Chinese version) Network Application linux
72 XnConvert-Image Batch Processing Graphics linux
73 Sublime Text 4-Code Editor Programming linux
74 WindTerm Multi-Function Terminal Web Application linux
75 Ardour7 Digital Audio Workstation Video Editing linux
76 Wireshark-Network packet analysis Web Applications linux
77 Déjà Dup System Tools linux
78 VSCodium Programming linux
79 VueScan-Scanner Driver Tools linux
80 Ovi Interactive Map Web Application linux
81 LMMS-Music Composition Music Radio linux
82 Enterprise WeChat Social Communication wine
83 MongoDB Compass-Database Management Programming linux
84 Chrome-Google Chrome Web Apps linux
85 Longxin Browser Web Application linux
86 notepad - text editor Office linux
87 IAuto drawing Graphics linux
88 Xmind: mind mapping Office Efficiency linux
89 Vokoscreen - screen recording Video Editing linux
90 Visual Studio Code Programming linux
91 360 Security Browser Web Application linux
92 Thunderbird Email Client Office Efficiency linux
93 Firefox ESR Web Application linux
94 iSoftStone Xintronics Application Compatible Adaptation Client Web Application linux
95 Alarm Clock Baby Convenient Life linux
96 Flying Book Social Communication linux
97 Musescore-Score Editor Video Editing linux
98 POT-Translation Tool Convenient Life linux
99 Microsoft Edge Stable Web Apps linux
100 EasyEDA Pro Graphics linux
101 Garrison EDA Standard Edition Graphics linux
102 Little Red Book Social Networking android
103 balenaEtcher Mirror Burning Decompression and Burning linux
104 Beekeeper Studio (Community Edition) Programming linux
105 Bitwarden-Password Management System Tools linux

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