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On December 31, 2014, 360 Safe for Linux (the deepin platform version) V3.0, developed by Qihoo 360 Technology Co.,Ltd, is released officially!

360 Safe Guard is a piece of software which provides all aspects of security protection for Windows system. Because of its powerful functions, excellent user experience and other features, it’s widely praised by users! Now, 360 Safe for Linux version is released. It inherits many fine features of the Windows version, supporting searching and killing Trojans, system cleanup and software management, and other powerful functions, which will greatly enhance security and usability of Linux systems and promote the popularity of Linux systems.

Meanwhile, the great mass of users of deepin system can obtain 360 Safe for Linux directly through Deepin Store and users of the other Linux systems can go to the special page of 360 Safe for Linux to download and install it.

In the days to come, as always, Qihoo 360 Technology Co.,Ltd and Wuhan Deepin Technology Co.,Ltd. will make unremitting efforts to bring you more user-friendly Linux software!



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