Hello everyone. We plan to hold “the 1st IRC Conference of Deepin Community” in two weeks.

The topic of the conference is tentatively set as: My Advice to Deepin System. We welcome you to ridicule the existing design and functions of Deepin system. We are willing to listen to your and strive to promote the improvement of Deepin system together with you.

The specific time for the conference hasn’t been fixed currently. After the time is fixed, we’ll give you another notice. Please follow us!

This Deepin community conference is aimed at deepening communication between community users and Deepin official team. You can discuss whatever advice at Deepin community conference, no matter it is on the development of Deepin system, or the future development and internationalization work of Deepin system.

Deepin IRC channel

IRC channel: #deepin (click on the link to log in the web page IRC)

Server: irc.freenode.net

Port number: 6667 (by default)

——Deepin Team


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