Hello, everyone. In order to optimize the user experience, we will adjust deepin existing external channels to provide you with more high-quality experience. The specific adjustment plan is as follows.

Stop Maintaining the Following Channels Officially

We will stop maintaining the following channels officially. Instead, these channels will be maintained by community users themselves.

Specifying the Functions of the Following Channels

  • deepin Operating System (Sina Weibo), deepin Operating System (WeChat), deepin(Twitter) and deepin(Facebook page) are the unified export of all information on deepin and will provide guide of various services.
  • Deepin users group (QQ groups) and #deepin channel (IRC channel) are only the communication sites for deepin users and don’t provide other services.
  • deepin Forum and deepin user mailing list provide comprehensive services: deepin Forum provides comprehensive services such as answers to questions discussed, community activities, discussions on community projects, etc. and deepin user mailing list is based on users’ discussions.
  • Bug Management is the unified Bug feedback address for deepin users.
  • deepin Planet and deepin Wiki are the addresses of archiving deepin news and documents.
  • deepin Transifex is the address of deepin internationalization project and doesn’t provide other services.
  • deepin community support mailbox only provides the services including community cooperation, community projects help and official suggestions submission.


Channels except the above ones are all unofficial channels, which will be maintained by the community members themselves.


——deepin Team

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