Deepin is the top Linux distribution from China, devoted to providing a beautiful, easy-to-use, safe, and reliable operating system for global users. (Global Ranking)

Application Added

JetBrains Toolbox,Chrome,‎Mail Master by NetEase (Wine),National K Song (wine), Drivers License Emulator (wine),Xueersi Online School Live Class (wine),Speed Office (wine), Dazhong Calculator (wine), CBOX for CCTV, Zuoyebang Airclass, Qv2ray, Fenbi Live Class, FreeMind (wine), Hanvon PDF OCR (wine), Mubu Notes (wine),Tencent Docs (wine), Xundu PDF (wine), Xun Jie CAD Converter (wine), Child Sticky Note (wine),  Harmony,Wine Assistant, Commemorative Wall Papers for the Centenary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), 24 Game, Another Redis Desktop Manager,Alacritty,Sublime Text 4,Thunderbird Client (Wine),PhpStorm,Free CAD,Gnome-mastermind,Gnome-music,Pikopixel,Plm,Preview,Price,Projectcenter,Mtpaint,yosoro,vnote,Moonlight,evince,Mathpix Snipping Tool,Origami Editor 3D,Aseprite,Qalculate,GroIMP,MusicBrainz Picard,EncryptPad,remember-the-milk,FreePascal,Gview,Joe,Pyragua,Pyscanfcs,Pytrainer,SMail, WebPrinter, Onon Input, WPS Office Professional 2019

Application Updated
Opera,Typora,XMind: ZEN,VLC,FileZilla,TeamViewer,Postman,IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate,Android Studio,remmina,Etcher,Firefox Quantum (ZH),WeCom (wine),Firefox Quantum(EN),Tomboy,Sogou input method,Steam,QQ music,Fantascene Dynamic Wallpaper

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