Hello, everyone! I’m Cathy Lin, a new member of Deepin team. I’m very glad to meet you here. Most of the articles published in our English blog in the recent month were translated by me. Hearing translating articles on computer science and technology, many people would think it is dull and boring, but I’ve never thought so. I’ve learned a lot in doing this job. I not only have improvement on my English translating ability, but also have a deeper understanding and awareness of the relevant principles of computer configurations and operations. And more importantly, after entering Deepin, I met a group of very cute and very capable people, from whom I’ve learned a lot. Before that I was completely a "rookie" in terms of computer technology. Through translating some related articles, now I’ve gradually learned some expertise in the relevant aspects. Today through this blog post I’ll briefly introduce our Deepin team and share with you my understanding and experience on translating articles on computer science and technology.

Deepin team is an effective fighting force which is composed of very confident and very cute young people who have very useful ideas in their mind. Currently we have 50 people in our team, most of whom belong to the generation after 80s or even 90s. Previously, when hearing R & D team of operating systems, people would immediately think of "the old men" in IT industry. Few people would think that most members of Deepin team are boys and girls in their twenties, some of whom just graduated from colleges. And thus many people would be surprised after knowing the composition of our team. Our Deepin team members are in high spirits when at work and still vibrant after work. We introduced the concept of "happy work, happy life." You can view this link to have a preliminary understanding of some of our team members: Deepin Team Travel to Xiamen. The photos were taken during Deepin team’s tour in Xiamen this May. Our members are very cute, right?

Next, I want to briefly share with you my ideas and experience on the translation of articles related with computer technologies. Before translating an article, I would first consider that the translated article should be faithful to the original one, so I would pay particular attention to the translation standard "faithfulness". On this basis, I’ll try my best to make the translated article read fluent, natural and easy to be understood but not jerky. That is to say, I will try my best to make my translation meet the translating requirement of “expressiveness”. In addition, in translation I also pay attention to the smart use of some expressions, trying to make my translation meet the “elegance” standard of translation in part (only in part currently). But this is somewhat difficult to be done because after all, the original Chinese articles are not literary ones or articles on one’s feelings, or something like that. The standard of “elegance” can not be met so easily. Every time after finishing translating an article, I would read the full English text first. For somewhere there are problems, I would think about it carefully or discuss it with my colleagues around to determine the final translation.

Do you have any idea or insight when reading the translated articles? If yes, please give us timely feedback. You can write reviews under the relevant article, or you can give us feedback and suggestions via e-mails.

Finally, thanks for your attention to our English blog! In the future if I have any experience on translation, I will share it with you in time. 🙂 If you have any good idea on how to translate articles on computer science and technology better, please feel free to share it with us. Let us work together to create a better and more beautiful blog home!




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